[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief: IMF calls for global response to cyber threats; UN Targeted with malware phishing attack. EC considers facial recognition ban; Trump asks Apple to unlock iPhone; Microsoft Opens Office in UN; Red Sea R Suffers Internet Outage...

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Hi all!
For your documentation, kindly find our weekly web review on Internet Governance<https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w3y20-imf-calls-for-global-response-to-cyber-threats-un-targeted-with-malware-phishing-attack-ec-considers-facial-reco-ban-trump-asks-apple-to-unlock-iphone-microsoft/> with some main titles featured below.


Main news :

* IMF: Cybersecurity Threats Call for a Global Response
* EU Statement in support of the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime
* United Nations Targeted With Emotet Malware Phishing Attack
* European commission considers facial recognition ban in AI ‘white paper’
* Trump slams Apple for refusing to unlock iPhones of suspected criminals
* Microsoft establishes New York office to work with the United Nations
* Estonia and the United States to Build a Joint Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
* Washington Legislature Resumes Consideration of the Washington Privacy Act
* UK’s phone and internet bulk data surveillance unlawful, says EU court opinion
* Equifax to pay $380.5 million in data breach settlement in the US
* Red Sea Region Suffers From Multi-Day Internet Outage Following an Undersea Cable Cut
* FBI Announces New Policy for Notifying State and Local Election Officials of Cyber Intrusions Affecting Election Infrastructure
* ….….

Review in full here : https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w3y20-imf-calls-for-global-response-to-cyber-threats-un-targeted-with-malware-phishing-attack-ec-considers-facial-reco-ban-trump-asks-apple-to-unlock-iphone-microsoft/
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