[AfrICANN-discuss] [AFRI-Discuss] Call for topics: Joint AFRALO-AfrICANN meeting for ICANN67

Tijani BEN JEMAA tijani.benjemaa at topnet.tn
Sat Jan 18 10:34:46 UTC 2020

Good morning Sarah,

Please add me to the Drafting team.


Sarah Kiden <skiden at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Dear all,


> Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. We received the

> following suggestions:



> * Building the capacity of end users to curb DNS abuse in Africa

> (suggested by Barrack Otieno).

> * Core priority areas to focus on within the African ICANN

> Strategy (Poncelet Ileleji)

> * ICANN engagement from grassroots level in Africa (Lillian


> * Connecting the unconnected for digital Africa (Abdalmonem


> * African priority areas within the ICANN Strategic Plan

> (Abdulkarim Oloyede)

> * How the ICANN multistakholder model works: end-user view

> (Olivier Kouami)


> Based on discussions on the list, I believe "DNS Abuse" received the

> most support. There were variations of suggestions for the topic, which

> I believe the team will decide.


> If you are interested in joining the statement drafting team, kindly

> send me an email (off list) and keep staff at atlarge.icann.org in copy.


> Thank you,



> Sarah


> On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 11:49 AM Sarah Kiden <skiden at gmail.com>

> wrote:


>> Dear all,


>> I would kindly like to remind you that the deadline to receive

>> your suggestions for topics for our joint statement is THURSDAY, 16

>> JANUARY 2020.


>> So far, we have received 2 suggestions:



>> * Building the capacity of end users to curb DNS abuse in

>> Africa (suggested by Barrack Otieno and supported by 3 members)

>> * Core priority areas to focus on within the African ICANN

>> Strategy (suggested by Poncelet Ileleji)

>> If you have other suggestions or would like to support the

>> suggested topics, please let us know before the deadline.


>> Regards,




>> Sarah


>> On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 2:19 PM Barrack Otieno

>> <otieno.barrack at gmail.com> wrote:


>>> Good points Mark and El,   

>>> I think the end user has been missing in the DNS Security

>>> conversation yet they are actually the ones who speak with their

>>> pockets, if i may use a Kenyan Proverb. An enlightened end user is an

>>> empowered end user. As we bring the next billion users online cases of

>>> DNS abuse will definately increase. If governments feel that industry

>>> players have not control they will definately step in and thats what

>>> we are avoiding.


>>> Regards


>>> On Fri, 10 Jan 2020, 4:55 pm Dr Eberhard W Lisse,

>>> <el at lisse.na> wrote:


>>>> Gabdibé,


>>>> drafting a resolution (beforehand), or even debating a resolution, is

>>>> going to achieve absolutely nothing.


>>>> Mark,


>>>> 50% lookups is actually almost worth than zero :-)-).


>>>>         And how many of those hit infrastructure actually in South

>>>> Africa?

>>>>         Does the figure include the public ones from Google and

>>>> Cloudflare?


>>>>         My view is that this only works All-or-Nothing, because

>>>> noncompliant

>>>>         commercial resolver operators have a commercial advantage


>>>>         complaint ones.


>>>> Financial incentives may work as may financial or other sanctions.


>>>>         One could even make it part of the Accreditation that


>>>> must be

>>>>         offered by the Registrars.


>>>>         But while the Registrars are usually the entities


>>>> the DNS

>>>>         and as such have control over the end-user's DNS anyway,


>>>> chain

>>>>         of trust should go up to the end user and not just the

>>>> Registrar.


>>>>         Talking to the banks has so far not been very effective,


>>>> are

>>>>         happy with HTTPS even though they forget to renew their

>>>> certificate

>>>>         on a regular basis, never mind the expense.


>>>> I don't have the answer either.


>>>> If anyone has a technical "solution" or project going on, and is


>>>> to Cancun, please feel free to propose a presentation at TechDay on


>>>> Monday.


>>>> greetings, el


>>>> On 10/01/2020 15:26, Mark Elkins wrote:

>>>>> I also like the sound of Barrack's proposal.  What exactly does "DNS

>>>>> Abuse" mean though?


>>>>> If it is to try and get all important Domains DNSSEC Signed and for

>>>>> all DNS Resolvers to become DNSSEC aware - that would be a winner in

>>>>> my book!


>>>>> Incidentally - about 50% of all DNS lookups in South Africa are


>>>>> aware.  That's actually the easy bit.  Just have the Internet

>>>>> Connection suppliers enable DNSSEC on their resolvers.


>>>>> Getting the bulk or at least the important Domains DNSSEC Signed will

>>>>> be a bit more challenging but is quite possible; e.g. any domain for


>>>>> website which may involve a financial transaction or deal with

>>>>> personal information.


>>>>> On my Domain Registration and Hosting Platform, if I am running the

>>>>> Registrants DNS (Zone file), DNSSEC is simply an option the


>>>>> can switch on.  I could change that and simply enable it for


>>>>> However, if the Domain is then moved to a Registrar that does not

>>>>> support DNSSEC - there would be issues for the new Registrar.


>>>>> On 2020/01/10 14:20, Gabdibé GAB-HINGONNE wrote:

>>>>>> Dear All,

>>>>>> I support Barrack's proposal.

>>>>>> Building the capacity of African end users on the general question

>>>>>> related to the DNS is very important.

>>>>>> Kind regards

>>>>>> Gabdibé



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