[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief (W1Y20): UN to draft treaty on cybercrime; California's new data privacy law; Brazil fines Facebook $1.6; Microsoft takes down 50 domains; NRO issues Request for .ORG Sale; 18 central banks on digital currencies......

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Fri Jan 3 11:34:33 UTC 2020

Hi all!
Good and happy new year 2020 to you!

For your documentation, kindly find our weekly web review on Internet Governance<https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w1y20-un-to-draft-treaty-on-cybercrime-californias-new-data-privacy-law-brazil-fines-facebook-1-6-microsoft-takes-down-50-domains-nro-issues-request-for-org-sale/> with some main titles featured below.


• UN gives green light to draft treaty to combat cybercrime
• Huawei gets a green light from India for 5G trials
• California Rings In The New Year With A New Data Privacy Law
• Brazil fines Facebook $1.6 million for improper sharing of user data
• Microsoft takes down 50 domains operated by North Korean hackers
• European Central Bank Announces New DLT Proof-Of-Concept Called EUROchain
• At least 18 central banks are developing sovereign digital currencies
• The Number Resource Organization (NRO) Issues Inspection Request to ICANN Concerning the .ORG Sale
• Phone and internet contracts to be simplified across the EU
• ICANN open public comment
• Taking Stock of IGF 2019 and Call for Inputs for IGF 2020
Read review here : https://internetgov.news/internet-gov-weekly-brief-w1y20-un-to-draft-treaty-on-cybercrime-californias-new-data-privacy-law-brazil-fines-facebook-1-6-microsoft-takes-down-50-domains-nro-issues-request-for-org-sale/

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