[AfrICANN-discuss] [OT] Invitation RightsCon-Tunez: Roundtable discussion about biometrics

Katitza katitza at eff.org
Thu May 2 21:38:45 UTC 2019

Dear friends:

My colleague Jennifer Lynch, EFF Surveillance Litigation Director,[1] is 
organizing a strategic roundtable at RightsCon to discuss biometric 
surveillance. If you are working on the issue and also going to 
RightsCon, would be great if you can join this conversation. If that's 
the case, could you please let Jennifer lynch at eff.org knows directly 
that you’re interested in participating?

[1] https://www.eff.org/about/staff/jennifer-lynch 
Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeting you at RightsCon!


*Session Title: You're Not Just a Pretty Face: Biometric Surveillance 
Has Moved Beyond Face Recognition - How Do We Stop It?*

Session Description: Every day we hear about new developments in face 
recognition in China, Israel, the US, and other countries - face 
recognition accuracy has improved exponentially; cameras are being 
deployed in more and more places; and face recognition is used for more 
and more services.

However, by focusing solely on face recognition, activists, NGOs and 
lawyers are missing the forest for the trees. Face recognition is now 
just one of the many technologies incorporated into vast surveillance 
systems and used to track people. Other technologies in these systems - 
like object recognition, license plate and text recognition, voice 
recognition, and gait recognition - combined with cheap cloud storage 
and machine learning are allowing for tracking on a never-before-seen 

This session will provide a space to discuss these topics. It will bring 
in experts to explain how technologies are working and how they are 
being deployed around the world. It will also encourage interactivity by 
asking all participants to share stories and contribute ideas for change.

Main Goal of Session: The main goal of this session will be to share 
knowledge about the biometric technologies that governments are using or 
planning to use to surveil and track their citizens - what are the 
capabilities of these surveillance systems; which are the companies 
designing the technologies; what activism has worked to limit the reach 
of these systems; and how can we strategize and work together to stop them.

Translate to Post-Conference Action: This session will translate to a 
post-conference action by building a community of lawyers and activists 
who are working together to share knowledge about and fight biometric 
surveillance. It may also develop principles for companies that are 
working on these technologies.
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