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Arsène Tungali arsenebaguma at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 20:02:59 UTC 2018

Hi colleagues,

Apologies for crossposting but just wanted to share this call from Access

If you know anyone who might be interested, please do share.


Date: 2018-03-14 15:59 GMT-04:00
Subject: Campaigner - Know anyone?
To: Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at gmail.com>

Hey Arsene!

Hope you are well!

Access Now is searching for an experienced Campaigner
<https://www.accessnow.org/campaigner-keepiton-lead-global-2018/> to drive
and expand our global campaigns to protect human rights and defend the

The campaigner’s core focus will be the #KeepItOn campaign that fights
against internet shutdowns and is a broad movement and coalition of more
than 150 member organizations across the world. We’re looking for someone
who will continue building momentum, raise awareness, coordinate grassroots
actions, raise funds, and develop media strategies & comms, and much more!

We are hoping you could help us spread the word about the position, or let
us know of anyone within your network who might be interested. We're keen
to hear!


Benjamin Whelan
Global Risk and Operations Manager

Access Now | accessnow.org
PGP ID: 0x1F2EC60E
Fingerprint: 403F 2F8C 2142 7188 2DDE  A4B6 2E28 6A73 1F2E C60E

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