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Sylvain Baya abscoco at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 18:27:48 UTC 2018

Dear all,

Le 9 juin 2018 3:51 PM, "adamou s. nacer" <adamou.nacer at gmail.com> a écrit :

Dear community,
I would like to know if there is an effort/discussion on using distributed
ledger technology for the DNS infrastructure that you might be aware of?

Hi Nacer,
There is at least two initiatives on that way. NameCoin, one of that, is a
FOSS Project. It's taking davantage of the distributed Ledger technology
behind BlockChain.

I am very interested in exploring such an alternative from a technical and
governance points of view.

I think that NameCoin looks as a good use case for you. Note that it is a
running Project [2] at least since 2014. Not an African Régional Project,
but it's not matter for me...

Hope this could help.

I am involved in the hyperledger project to some extend and I have been
considering such combinaison for sometimes as a good use case for that

[1]: https://namecoin.org
[2]: http://www.bortzmeyer.org/namecoin.html



Nacer Adamou Saïdou
Blog: http://nacerix.blogspot.com
Twitter: nacerix
Identi.ca: nacerix

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