[AfrICANN-discuss] IG Weekly Brief : CSTD WGEC 5th meeting; Cuba protests US internet task force; US centralized 5G network; WHOIS GDPR compliance; Google IT infrastructure; China online population reach 772 million; US FCC net neutrality repeal; China's Great Firewall

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Thanks for sharing. It seems that the news is overwhelmingly skewed towards the threat on The Net as we have grown up to know it. Balkanization seems a given now as Nationalism sweeps across the globe. I’m also gratified to see states in the US resist the assault of the Trump Administration on Net Neutrality.  

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> On 2 Feb 2018, at 8:54 PM, Mamadou LO <alfamamadou at hotmail.com> wrote:
> This week, Cuba handed a note of protest to the top US diplomat in Havana on Wednesday (Jan 31) over the Trump administration's creation of a Cuba Internet Task Force that it said was an attempt to violate its sovereignty.
> The United States federal government is said to be looking to build a centralized 5G wireless network across the country within three years. This proposal from the Trump administration to build public-funded 5G networks will “end in disaster”, the EU’s top telecoms regulator has warned, urging Europe to speed up plans for its own fast internet networks.
> In Russia, more than half of citizens approve of a separate internet for the BRICS economic bloc, saying that the idea could boost the security of users’ personal data and help counter hostile propaganda. 
> On data protection, the head of a US government agency has warned against changes to the Whois internet lookup service in order to comply with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Besides, Head of European Union’s independent data protection authority says UK is likely to remain a strategic partner in data protection after Brexit
> In china, online population, the largest in the world, has touched 772 million at the end of last year as 40.74 million new connections were added. The new connections went up by 5.6 per cent compared to 2016, a report released by China's China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) said. Also, China will begin blocking overseas providers of virtual private networks (VPN) used to circumvent its Great Firewall of government censorship at the end of March, official media reported.
> On Wednesday, Google's parent company introduced Chronicle and described it in as a "new independent business within Alphabet that's dedicated to helping companies find and stop cyber attacks before they cause harm." Also, Alphabet is reportedly in talks with Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company Aramco about building a "tech hub" in the Middle East.
> On net neutrality, California has just joined New York and Montana in resisting the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality. Lawmakers introduced two bills to the California State Senate that would force service providers to continue treating all data on the internet the same way, without discriminating content.
> On event, we note the 5th meeting of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation in Geneva
> Below, information on those subjects and events as welle as documents on cybersecurity, Internet of things, Internet shutdown
> Find review and sources here
> http://www.diplointernetgovernance.org/profiles/blogs/ig-weekly-brief-cstd-wgec-5th-meeting-cuba-protests-us-internet
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