[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief : G20 to address reforms in WTO and framework in cryptocurrency taxation; EU’s war against disinformation, misinformation; anti-semetic content online; Council of Arab Economic Unity launch a unified plan for the digital tax

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Fri Dec 7 16:16:03 UTC 2018

“The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact Task Force will replace the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, which was established in 2005 to strengthen UN system-wide coordination and coherence of counter-terrorism efforts”. https://www.indiatvnews.com/news/world-un-launches-new-framework-to-fight-terrorism-isis-daesh-al-qaeda-jaish-e-mohammed-490374

On medias and content, “The EU has launched a “war against disinformation” spread by the Kremlin in an attempt to protect next year’s European parliament elections. “There is strong evidence pointing to Russia as the primary source of disinformation in Europe,” said Andrus Ansip, vice-president of the European commission<https://www.theguardian.com/world/european-commission>. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/05/eu-disinformation-war-russia-fake-news

Review in full here : https://gouvernanceinternet.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/internet-gov-weekly-brief-g20-to-address-reforms-in-wto-and-framework-in-cryptocurrency-taxation-eus-war-against-disinformation-misinformation-anti-semetic-content-online-counc/

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