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Hi all!

"Published on 29 September 2017, Issue 24 of the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter<https://dig.watch/sites/default/files/DWnewsletter24.pdf> provides the latest digital policy updates which took place in September. The main highlights include:

  *   An overview of the top digital policy trends in September, including proposals from European countries to change the rules regarding the taxation of Internet companies, continuous developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), increased governmental pressures on technology companies to remove extremist content, bans on Initial Coin Offerings in China, and new bans on Uber services.
  *   An analysis of new tax rules proposals made by European countries, which would see Internet companies taxed on their turnover (as opposed to profit), and where they generate revenues (as opposed to where they are registered).
  *   An overview of the main digital policy issues brought up by UN member states during the annual debate marking the start of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly. Among them: the challenges of digitalisation and AI, cybersecurity, cybercrime, state behaviour in cyberspace, and human rights in the online space.
  *   A round-up of the main digital policy updates of September, with e-commerce, digital rights, infrastructure, and new technologies being among the prominent issues.
  *   A review of the main digital policy events that were held in International Geneva during the past month, such as the World Trade Organization Public Forum, meetings of International Telecommunication Union working groups, and the meeting of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development."

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