[AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN 59 (Joburg) Tech talk panel on DNSSEC Deployment Challenges

Trésor Mazandou mazandou2 at gmail.com
Tue May 2 19:31:15 UTC 2017

Hi Mark,

I am personally interested for completing my capacity after Africa DNS
Best  regards.

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Le 2 mai 2017 12:44, "Mark Elkins" <mje at posix.co.za> a écrit :

ICANN-59 will be held in Johannesburg at the Sandton convention centre from
26-29 June, 2017.

One of the technical days is shared between DNSSEC (morning) and ccTLD
Technical Talks (afternoon).

We (the DNSSEC Workshop Program Committee) are looking for a few people
that would like to participate in a panel discussion on “DNSSEC Deployment
Challenges” on the African Continent.


The program committee is seeking input from those that are interested in
implementation of DNSSEC but have general or particular concerns with
DNSSEC.  In particular, we are seeking input from individuals that would be
willing to participate in a panel that would discuss questions of the

— What are your most significant concerns with DNSSEC, e.g.,
implementation, operation or something else?

— What do you expect DNSSEC to do for you and what doesn't it do?

— What do you see as the most important trade-offs with respect to doing or
not doing DNSSEC?

We are interested in presentations related to any aspect of DNSSEC such as
zone signing, DNS response validation, applications use of DNSSEC,
registry/registrar DNSSEC activities, etc.

So, I'm looking for a handful of volunteers (anyone from Africa). Talks
would be no longer than ten minutes long. You get a free lunch :-)

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