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*Overview Document

The 2017 Africa Open Data Conference in Accra, Ghana is set to attract over
600 delegates drawn from all over Africa and the world at large. This
auspicious event will push the leadership role of the private sector in
supplying, using, and demanding open data; bring together brilliant
innovators and visionaries to grow their networks, hone their success, and
connect with sources of support; and introduce investors and donors to an
expanding sector that seeks and supplies open data to achieve development
goals in Africa and across the globe.  Goals for this conference include:



   Create regional attention and global awareness of increasingly
   pan-Africa use and publication of open data including catalytic open data
   initiatives in African countries.

   Develop and host continent-wide Africa Open Data Conference in a
   transparent and inclusive way to support structured and reliable engagement
   of a growing community.

   Prioritize agenda of ongoing and inclusive actions beyond the conference

   Convene existing robust open data community in Africa and encourage new
   participation in person and virtually before, during, and beyond the event.

   Develop and grow international collaborations in open data focused on
   African areas of interest including sectors (education, energy,
   agriculture, WASH), economic growth (jobs, business), service delivery
   (public service efficiencies) and internal government processes(efficiency
   and accountability).

   Demonstrate the vital role of of non-government data (crowdsourcing,
   private sector, civil society, university, etc).

   Demonstrate the vital role of an engaged civil society in driving
   institutional change in governments and the development complex

   Build from Open Data Consensus, Data Revolution, Africa 2063 Planning,
   SDG targets, and where possible- OGP Subnational and National Action Plans
   already underway

   Attract side event organizers who capitalize on the planning of the
   conference to extend technical training and community building

   Prioritize sessions that focus heavily on audience participation in
   person and virtual.

   Promoting the development and harmonization of data standards across

   Identify needed policy measures to address core issues of open data in
   Ghana and across Africa.
   14. Support existing efforts and attract new partners to assess baseline
   and count progress toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
   including strengthening country data roadmaps.

   For more details, visit the following link:


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