[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief : ICANN 58; Digital Gender Divide; Trump backs NTIA; WIPO on cybersquatting; Yahoo cyberattack; World Consumer Right Day; Facebook & surveillance tools

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This week; ICANN 58 in Copenhagen and World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) on "Building a digital world consumers can trust" were main events on Internet Governance landscape. On access, The Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development's Working Group on the Digital Gender Divide released a report that sets specific recommendations to address the barriers women face in access to and use of the Internet. In the U.S, President Donald Trump on Thursday released his initial outline for next year’s budget which states continuous support to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in representing the United States interest at multi-stakeholder forums on internet governance and digital commerce”. Furthemore, according to US Justice Department, Two Russian intelligence agents and a duo of hackers were indicted Wednesday over a data breach that compromised 500 million Yahoo accounts in one of the largest cyberattacks in history. On data protection, Facebook announced that developers who build apps based on Facebook and Instagram user data can no longer use that information to create surveillance tools. On cybersquatting, "disputes relating to new gTLDs rose to 16% of WIPO’s 2016 caseload, which covered a total of 5,374 domain names". This is an increase of 10% over the previous year, according to an announcement from WIPO.

Below, information on those subjects and events as well as documents on cybersecurity, internet of things, domain name..

See full review here:
Internet Gov Weekly Brief : ICANN 58, Digital Gender Divide, Trump backs NTIA, WIPO on cybersquatting; Yahoo cyberattack, World Consumer Right Day; Facebook & surveillance tools<http://www.diplointernetgovernance.org/profiles/blogs/internet-gov-weekly-brief-icann-58-digital-gender-divide-trump>
SUMMARY This week; ICANN 58 in Copenhagen and World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) on Building a digital world consumers can trust were main events on Internet…

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