[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Gov Weekly Brief : EU to counter online extremism; China's quantum internet; China shut down videos streams; Germany on encryption; New UK data protection law?; Russia blocks Google; ICANN 59; Central Asian IGF..

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This week; online extremism, privacy and data protection make many internet governance headlines as "European Union leaders, at a summit in Brussels increased the pressure on US giants like Facebook and Twitter to rein in online propaganda amid a recent spate of terror attacks in Britain, France and Belgium". Moreover , Germany on Thursday passed a controversial new law that expands the power of authorities to spy on the content of encrypted message services such as WhatsApp and Skype while Facebook is launching a UK initiative to train and fund local organisations to combat extremism and hate speech. In the United Kingdom, "The Queen's Speech featured several references for the tech industry to chew over, including promises of a new UK data protection law and digital charter".

On Cyberpolitics-geopolitics, China has told three major web portals to shut down their video and audio streaming services, saying "they carry politically-related material that breaks state rules and social commentary which incites negative opinions". Also, "Chinese scientists have set a new distance record for quantum entanglement, raising hopes of building an entirely new kind of hacker-resistant "quantum internet.” Russia's media watchdog blocked internet giant Google for several hours on Thursday in a bid to enforce a tax ruling made in 2016.

As for event, we notre Central Asian internet Governance Forum and upcoming ICANN 59.

Below, informations in those subjects and events as well as documents on fake news, hate speech, digital economy..

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