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Ten major trends in Internet governance (2017 mid-year review)
"Six months into 2017, the digital weather remains unsettled. Various crises brought occasional storms. Internet growth and innovation triggered a few sunny spells. The digital weather remains similar to the annual forecast for 2017<https://www.diplomacy.edu/blog/digital-politics-2017-unsettled-weather-stormy-times-sunny-spells>.

This mid-year review provides an analysis of the main policy trends. It is based on the GIP Digital Watch observatory’s ongoing analysis of digital developments, summarised during the GIP briefings <https://dig.watch/briefings> on the last Tuesday of every month and the Geneva Digital Watch newsletter<https://dig.watch/newsletter>.

For each of ten major trends, the number in brackets indicates their original ranking in January 2017. Each of the trends includes what to expect in Internet governance until the end of the year."




Digital politics in 2017: Unsettled weather, stormy at ...<https://www.diplomacy.edu/blog/digital-politics-2017-unsettled-weather-stormy-times-sunny-spells>
Digital politics in 2017: Unsettled weather, stormy at times, with sunny spells

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