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Dear all, hi from Lomé, Togo (West Africa)
Please for your information and action.
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De : "Sarah at FFTF" <team at fightforthefuture.org>
Date : 10 juil. 2017 23:49
Objet : Holy moly. This is going to be huge.
À : <olivierkouami at gmail.com>
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Wednesday’s Day of Action to Save the Internet has grown beyond our wildest
> dreams. We need your help to make sure we’re ready!
> Hi,
> We’re now just two days away from our massive Day of Action to Save the
> Internet, and it’s suddenly grown to exceed even our lofty expectations.
> Snapchat, Google, Facebook, and Spotify have announced plans to join in
> the effort, encouraging their tens of millions of users to contact the FCC.
> Pro-net neutrality senators are even warning the FCC to beef up their
> website’s capacity to handle the flood of traffic without crashing.
> *This is all great news--but as the day of action has grown, so have our
> expenses. *
> For instance, with so many big websites joining in, our online tool to
> help people call Congress could see double or even triple the number of
> calls we’d budgeted for. Our call tool makes calling super easy (which
> means more calls and impact!) but connecting 1 million calls could cost us
> $40,000. We’re also building a tool to help people record and upload video
> messages to the FCC, and that has some big bandwidth costs.
> *Will you chip in to help cover the costs of the fast-growing Day of
> Action to Save the Internet?
> <http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/3AA/ni0YAA/t.28w/xtCi3JrDSbmoOTjXu0oEFQ/h0/Pa8otjfmmhIzvTMTCB8ZJJUXf-2BRddPW57EVXPeuxLv-2BF7pLuJJIgr18RgbACRPE8n8qxBg0pduT-2FoVcdLrN35GLeiMMlLnl1j1nxxkQ4osnrH62VFumw586pHUvcrALvX5xTSPRfA5z6rN08RW5BC3oPX37NqYYEZdSLbQnZXuPi9KhWcPyIa9TbKYWhX-2F6lDL5xE6uAJnYqAb7KtUg4Ajor9FMezU32yjxaBqLmblEDG-2FNEiGKr0Hd-2Fzdu1dOBOnfAhKkJq5BkX1OPTNdDg-2Bk-2Bt1pltl-2BpbP4ubNZZ0Y-2Bc-3D>*
> We know that FCC Chair and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai is hell-bent on
> gutting net neutrality. But with new polling showing that the vast majority
> of Republican and Democratic voters support the free and open internet,
> members Congress are really feeling the heat.
> Even before Pai formally announced the net neutrality repeal, many
> political experts were saying that Republicans could lose control of
> Congress. If the Trump administration moves forward with yet another hugely
> unpopular proposal, then vulnerable Republicans in purple districts know
> that they will pay the price in next year’s election.
> *That’s why we can still save net neutrality. *Even if FCC Chairman Ajit
> Pai is committed to helping his friends and former bosses in the
> telecommunications industry, Congress can stop him.
> When we announced the July 12 day of action, our goal was to make it the
> biggest in history. But now with Facebook, Google, and so many other huge
> websites joining in, it could be bigger than even we’d imagined.
> *We’re counting on you to make sure we have the funds to handle the flood
> of traffic and actions we’re expecting. Your donation now lets us have the
> biggest possible impact on Wednesday.*
> *Will you chip in to help cover the costs of the  Day of Action to Save
> the Internet, now that it’s bigger than we ever imagined?
> <http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/3AA/ni0YAA/t.28w/xtCi3JrDSbmoOTjXu0oEFQ/h1/Pa8otjfmmhIzvTMTCB8ZJJUXf-2BRddPW57EVXPeuxLv-2BF7pLuJJIgr18RgbACRPE8n8qxBg0pduT-2FoVcdLrN35CwvFNoSBXCz2kNkY18rIHNtC2hOf-2FoL4oAq3pMk7pgtQeAukPlcVLB-2FnkCTAw9t-2BG2MZuQuLBGpSllJenoyH9-2FngPZ-2B6ZGOnjF1bLv1T-2BURIN6u8D10CP-2BNwdI9uTpl8BHhfx0ZVCHChKFNQVT-2FSbG0BoInk-2FcXoaCE9Aqtmvd69QhcXjkoUbbwMG4dPpbJD6pNzpgzNhubH-2FAVDSslEP4-3D>*
> We can do this,
> Sarah Roth-Gaudette
> Chief Operating Office at Fight for the Future
> Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.
>    - Click here to learn more
>    <http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/3AA/ni0YAA/t.28w/xtCi3JrDSbmoOTjXu0oEFQ/h2/YOHIY5TWc8sl5xspef3RzQ-2FYgqJQd1Vga-2BMzMU565PplTfL0dScMTdVLtEGeXedjIMbJo0ayWbm6zaXYc55sixV2lrKayhH5bWbGt6xhT0HMdE8em8XGU7wbVI962doP4WxzofiEuqb1-2FvVmO-2Bosr2ij3fbOEFrg8Kz-2F-2FYlqrACQ6Pv2rFB0-2FDE8zy1PpEXjeEZlO2y2YIokHxDYhwokCM5ZR9NJ7TpNUZaP7cZJWVEZ5hloJKEDuu-2FeDYm8YNRQrm-2Bu4HsdWUT-2FngFzdsqXaOWORSJw3ThPq7sHNBv-2BFkSytGUbp5sznHugTjeb02FE>
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