[AfrICANN-discuss] IG Weekly Brief : Cyber geopolitics (U.S, N.Korea, Russia); UK on data and Brexit; Google-Walmart partnership; China Life-Baidu partnership; Telsa urge UN to stop Autonomous Weapons; WLIC 2017. AFPIF; Child online abuse...

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This week, Cyber geoplitics and digital economy made most headlines on internet Governance of several online medias. So, the U.S Department of Homeland Security and FBI warned North Korean cyberattacks continue targeting "the media, aerospace, financial, and critical infrastructure sectors in the United State and globally". Furthemore, "new legislation advancing in the US Congress would ban President Donald Trump from establishing a joint cyber security unit with Russia without congressional approval".

On digital economy, "Britain will set out a plan to cooperate closely with Europe on data protection rules after it leaves the European Union, hoping to reassure businesses and law enforcement agencies that there will be no disruption to exchanges of information". Furthermore, "China Life Insurance Group Co and Baidu Inc will form a 7 billion yuan ($1 billion) private equity fund, targeting internet and other technology investments". In addition, Google and Walmart on Tuesday announced a partnership that will make the retailer's products available on the internet giant's online shopping mall.

On cyber diplomacy, Australia and India have recapped their support for the various-stakeholder methods to Internet governance reconfirming their pledge to a free, open, stable, secure, accessible, and peaceful cyberspace allowing financial innovation and growth.

On Internet of Things, "a group of U.S. Senators are currently attempting to push a bipartisan bill through the Senate which aims to address a growing number of public concerns over easily hackable Internet of Things technologies"

On Net Neutrality, "Advocacy groups are urging the Federal Communications Commission to disclose details about thousands of informal consumer complaints relating to the net neutrality rules".

On Child online abuse, "two South Australians and a woman from New South Wales have been charged over online child sex abuse and exploitation material, as part of an investigation involving SA, NSW and Federal Police".

On Artificial Intelligence, <https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/ad-test-drives-tesla-model-x-p100d?mbid=synd_yahoolife> Tesla's leaders from across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia have urged the UN to stop these types of technologies from being created, machines which can identify and attack a target without human intervention".

As for events, we note WLIC 2017, AFPIF 2017 and the Balkan School of Internet Governance.

Below, information on those subjects and events as well as documents on cybersecurity, domain name..

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