[AfrICANN-discuss] IG Weekly Brief : NAFTA on digital trade; Tech firms to block neo-nazi groups; China warns over illegal VPN sale; Southeast Asia-U.S undersea cable; Russia to limit foreign ownership on IXP; Internet Speed in the World..

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This week,  North American Free Trade Agreement begins with expectation in addressing digital trade, services and e-commerce to strengthen the digital economy in North America.

Russia’s Communications Ministry has proposed limiting foreign ownership over internet exchange points to 20 percent, following similar restrictions to Russian media holdings in 2014.

In China, chinese authorities have issued a warning to the country’s top e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba Holding Group Ltd’s Taobao.com, over the sale of illegal virtual private networks. Moreover, China's first court specializing in handling Internet-related cases opened Friday in the e-commerce hub of Hangzhou while a teenager has died within two days after entering an internet addiction camp.
On hate speech, major tech firms are denying services to white supremacists in response to Charlottesville violence. So, social media networks Twitter and LinkedIn, music service Spotify and security firm Cloudflare have become the latest internet firms to cut off services to hate groups or remove hate speech. In addition; a Russian web-hosting provider says it has suspended the Russian domain of the prominent U.S. neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer after the government's media regulator asked it to look into the site's "extremist content."

A report by UK-based firm Cable has ranked internet speeds around the world by analysing how long it would take to download a 7.5GB movie. The research showed that Singapore topped the list at 18 minutes, 34 seconds, followed by Sweden (25 minutes, 30 seconds), Taiwan (29 minutes, 46 seconds) and Denmark (30 minutes, 32 seconds).

On infrastructure, Honolulu-based telecommunications company Hawaiian Telcom announced that the Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US) undersea cable system is complete and ready for commercial service.
Below, informations in those subjects as well as documents on Brazil's Internet consultation, Cyberpolitics...

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