[AfrICANN-discuss] Diversity in ICANN (was Re: [members-discuss] Re: ICANN 2016 ...)

SM sm at resistor.net
Thu Sep 1 15:44:44 UTC 2016

Hi Mike, Paulos, Michele,
At 02:32 01-09-2016, Mike Silber wrote:
>Now I think there may be merit in bringing that 
>subtle distinction to the attention of the ICANN 
>community and trying to create  awareness that 
>regional diversity is not just at a continental 
>level, but also intra-continental.

Based on the information available on the 
websites of Africacert, Afnog, Aftld and Afrinic, 
only one of those companies set rules for 
intra-continental diversity.  12% of the 2016 
candidates were from Africa.  Is that because of 
a lack of stakeholder engagement?

>Please also remember that the Nominating 
>Committee is selecting for both skills and 
>diversity. There has to be a mix, you cannot 
>have people selected with limited or 
>incompatible skills, simply to be more diverse. 
>As pointed out previously - the way to deal with 
>that is to get more SOIs from the very many well 
>qualified and suitably skilled people in our 
>region through to the NomCom as well as the SOs and ACs.

According to Chenai Chair, "lack of diversity, 
capacity and awareness by the developing country 
community of ICANN were observed as barriers to 
effective participation. Supporting Organisations 
(SOs) and Advisory Committees (ACs) were 
perceived to be lacking in diversity of 
representation of the African community – a point 
raised in the public hearings".  It is also 
stated that "The ASO and the ccNSO ensure 
regional or geographical representation within 
their system of councils. This ensures African 
representation on the councils with policy 
influence that would not leave policies relevant to Africa unrepresented".

If there is any subtle distinction to be made, 
there is 

At 02:49 01-09-2016, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
>How many people on this list are actively 
>involved in policy development within ICANN?

I am not involved in policy development within ICANN.


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