[AfrICANN-discuss] Webinar on October 25 at 16:00 UTC: update on post IANA transition for Africa and the Middle East

Yaovi Atohoun yaovi.atohoun at icann.org
Thu Oct 20 08:41:27 UTC 2016

Dear all,

You are kindliy invited to a webinar for an update on post IANA transition
for Africa and the Middle East scheduled for October 25, 2016 at 16:00 UTC

1) agenda
1. Welcome and introduction: Pierre Dandjinou/ Baher Esmat (3 mn)
2. Overview ­ Theresa Swinehart (10 mins)
3. Bylaws & Mission Update ­ Samantha Eisner (10 mins)
4. Implementation ­ Akram Atallah (10 mins)
5. Q/A (25 mn)
6. Conclusion: Pierre Dandjinou/Baher Esmat (2 mn)

2) Joining  information
 Adobe Connect room at https://participate.icann.org/gseemea/
* CLICK on above link and enter the adobe connect room by entering your
name, select Œguest¹ and click on Œenter¹
* It may take a few seconds while the software is being loaded up (or
installed if the first time)
* When you enter the room, a pop up window (see below) will provide you the
option to Dial Out to your Phone.  Enter your Phone Number* (Remember to
change the Country Code if needed).
* And click ŒJoin¹.  Please do not click on ³Listen Only² or you will not be
able to speak.
This will take a few seconds while the adobe connect dials your telephone
number to connect you.
Please remember to mute your line as a courtesy to everyone, and only unmute
when you wish to speak.
Having joined the adobe connect room, you will be able to see all the
presentations, and chat with the other participants in the chat room pod.
ü If you do not wish to use the adobe connect room, you can just dial-in via
phone,  Global Meet- PGI dial-in numbers can be found at
The passcode for the call is 393 808 3611.
Mobile: tel://1-719-457-6209,*,,3938083611#
Phone Only Controls: https://go.conferencinghub.com/24b9f
Primary Access Number: 1-719-457-6209
Or if the country does not have a toll-free dial-in number, please login to
Skype, dial-in any of the above toll-free numbers (the USA/Canada number for
Some toll-free numbers include:
€           Russia (toll free)                     8 800 500 9241
€           Belarus (toll free)                   8 820 0011 0341
€           Ukraine (toll free)                   0800 500 896
€           Finland (toll free)                    0800 772 236
€           Kazakhstan (toll free)             8800 333 7554
€           USA/Canada                           1 800 3752612
The bridge will be opened 15 minutes prior to the start of the call.


Yaovi Atohoun
Stakeholder Engagement and Operations  Manager ­ Africa
ICANN ­  www.icann.org
Mobile : +229 66015649 / 97891228

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