[AfrICANN-discuss] [AFRI-Discuss] Deadline extension: Statement of the African community in Hyderabad : EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 16, 2016.

BAUDOUIN SCHOMBE baudouin.schombe at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 07:09:44 UTC 2016

It is a good document, explicit and well argued that traces a large line the
African position.
Having read and re-read, I do not know what I can add or subtract as the
semantic structure of the argument is clear.
Congrats for this good proposal

2016-10-12 23:49 GMT+01:00 Aziz Hilali via AFRI-Discuss <
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> Dear All,
> Deadline extension on the statement of the African community in Hyderabad
> on the Impact of the IANA Transition and ICANN Accountability on
> Africa. Please provide your comments on this draft before Sunday, October
> 16, 2016.
> Best Regards
> Aziz Hilali
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