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Amreesh Phokeer amreesh.phokeer at gmail.com
Mon May 30 09:52:04 UTC 2016

Project description:

Facebook is having a program called internet.org for Free-Basics, where
some internet websites can be accessed for free if the user is on a
particular cellular network (e.g. Tigo in Senegal and CellC in South
Africa). Our research project is on measuring (a) what services are being
offered as part of this free internet program in different countries and
(b) what is the quality of service (bandwidth, disconnects, page-loadtimes
etc.), compared to normal paid connections. Since this service is offered
only in some countries with specific telecom providers, we are looking for
participants in some of these places:

Angola (Movicel)
Cape Verde (Unitel)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Airtel, Tigo)
Gabon (Airtel)
Guinea (Cellcom)
Guinea-Bissau (MTN)
Kenya (Airtel)
Liberia (Cellcom)
Mauritania (Mauritel)
Mozambique (Mcel)
Niger (Airtel)

Each participant will get 50 euros in their local currency, as a token of
thanks and to cover charges of SIM card if needed.

To sign up fill up this form:

Person with android phone, some knowledge of english, an email ID to
receive instructions for experiments.

Related links:
(1) Facebook’s official page on the service: https://info.internet.org/en/
(2) Supported countries and cellular providers:
(3) The Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Internetdotorg/?fref=ts
(4) Our research proposal:

(1) MPI-SWS, Germany: Prof. Krishna Gummadi, Rijurekha Sen (post-doc),
Hasnain Ali Pirzada (intern)
(2) University of Cape Town, South Africa: Prof. Melissa Densmore, Prof.
David Johnson
(3) IIT Kharagpur, India: Prof. Sandip Chakraborty, Satadal Sengupta
(Masters student).

Please contact Rijurekha Sen (rijurekha at mpi-sws.org) in case of any

Amreesh Phokeer
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