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Subject: ICANN News Alert -- ICANN Fellowship Program Application Process Review

News Alert


ICANN Fellowship Program Application Process Review

14 June 2016
Open Date:

14 June 2016

Close Date:

29 July 2016

Originating Organization:

Development and Public Responsibility Department



Brief Overview:

Leading up to the ten-year anniversary of ICANN's Fellowship program, the organization has evaluated this successful initiative in order to address the needs of the global community and provide appropriate enhancements to ensure that the program will continue to thrive while addressing today's ICANN and its capacity-building needs. In this regard, the ICANN staff have identified areas of improvement, mainly to the language used to describe Applicant Selection Criteria and the application assessment process. In doing so, ICANN staff is looking to ensure that the Fellowship selection process remains accountable, transparent, and independent while continuing to strengthen the ICANN Multistakeholder Model.



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