[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet Society- Vacancy for Manager-Chapter Development-Africa

Betel Hailu hailu at isoc.org
Mon Apr 4 12:37:32 UTC 2016

Dear all,

The Internet Society (ISOC) is recruiting a Manager for Chapters-Africa and Middle-East.

More details regarding the responsibilities and job description can be found at: http://www.internetsociety.org/jobs/manager-chapter-development-africa

If you wish to apply for the position, please send a resume, cover letter, salary history, along with any other relevant materials to jobs-chapter-manager at isoc.org

Applications will be evaluated beginning immediately and thereafter until the position has been filled.  The list of applicants will not be posted publicly, and will be reviewed in confidence by members of the evaluation committee.


Betel Hailu
Communications Coordinator
Africa Regional Bureau
Internet Society (ISOC)
Follow Us   [Description: Macintosh HD:Users:betelhailu:Desktop:facebook.png] <https://www.facebook.com/ISOCAfrica> [Description: Macintosh HD:Users:betelhailu:Desktop:twitter.png] <https://twitter.com/ISOC_Africa>
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