[AfrICANN-discuss] Workshop #13: Keeping your credentials secure online: A roundtable

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Mon Nov 9 17:26:11 UTC 2015

ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory committee is organizing a technical/security session at the IGF. 

The invitation is extended to the technical community in Africa to participate in the session.

Please join if you can. Online participation should be available.

Details of the session is below.


Workshop #13: Keeping your credentials secure online: A roundtable*
Date/Time: Tuesday Nov 10 - 9:00 - 10:30
Track: Cybersecurity and Trust
Location: Workshop Room 4

Organizers: ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).


Hackers realize the power of stealing credentials to crack open systems 
and gain access to critical information. And, because many organizations do 
an inadequate job of protecting their systems—despite patching, 
hardening, and firewalls—stealing credentials is an easy hacker target. Many 
compromises tie directly into issues relating to credential management.

A cornerstone of all security strategies is an organization’s ability 
to control access to data and systems. Virtually all access controls rely 
on the use of credentials to validate the identities and permissions of 
users, applications, and devices.

The roundtable will invite experts who have insights into the way in 
which the problems of credential management, which have so often proven
intractable in practice despite reams of good advice from security
professionals, have been addressed in real world environments and
scenarios. These insights will come from civil society; the academic
community; the financial sector; the technology sector; companies from 
the DNS and domain name management industry; operating system, browser, and
games and apps developers; and social media companies.

The roundtable will focus on the presentation of practical problems 
faced day to day, well publicized incidents, impacts on reputation and 
privacy, direct actions efforts taken, and measures to implement practical 
solutions that incorporate best practices for credential management. practical
problems that exist to implement and improve a security and emerging 
best practices.

Session format:

The workshop will be organized as a facilitated dialogue. Led by the
moderator, subject experts will debate and discuss the key questions and
issues. Subject experts will give opening comments, after which the
moderator will turn to those attending the session and invited experts 
the audience to engage in facilitated dialogue.

SSAC Advisory #074 on Registrant Protection: Best Practices for  Preserving
Security and Stability in the Credential Management Lifecycle was published
last week as a background document for discussion during the session. 

SSAC documents are available here - https://www.icann.org/groups/ssac/documents

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