[AfrICANN-discuss] Internet is expensive in Mali

BALL Tidiane tidianeball at yahoo.fr
Sun May 17 09:51:42 UTC 2015

In Mali, a movement called # Mali100Mega demand improved Internet connections both in fixed rate that cost.The maximum flow rate offered to entrepreneurs (individuals) is 384Kbps for a price of 36 000F / month.
The maximum flow rate has not been increased since 2009! The price has not been reduced since October 2011!
The average wage is 35,980 CFA francs and the price of 384Kbps throughput is 36,000 CFA ($ 60).
In Senegal for example, 2Mbps are 29,900 CFA (30 USD)/ month, In Mali 1Mbps is 300,000 CFA (650 USD)/ month.
We believe that something can be done on the side of Telecom operators to relieve the suffering of the Malian.
For more information and http://100mega.ml/   and #Mali100Mega on Twitter
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