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Hi all,

Please check this grant opportunity out.


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great ideas: how the Internet can change the world
Ilda Simao]
9, 2015 9:34 AM  Ilda Simao

Hi everyone,

One of the greatest things I love about my job is our volunteers.

Our community is jam packed with amazing, passionate, and brilliant
volunteers who are driven – from their core – by the belief that the
internet makes the world better.

It’s really astounding what they do.

It’s because of their work that farmers are learning new ways to grow more
food, over 4000 children in Mali are connected via solar powered computers
at school, to breaking the barrier of loneliness and isolation faced by
low-income seniors in Harlem New York.

It’s because of these people – who make up our Chapters - that we revisited
our Community Grants Program and decided it was time to, well, reboot.

*Today I’m proud to announce the launch of Beyond The Net – the Internet
Society’s new funding
*program. It has new funding levels and even more of an emphasis than ever
on our the work done by the volunteers in our Chapters.

Beyond the Net is will primarily support projects from our chapters, so if
you are not on a chapter yet, you can join one here

If you are already on a chapter, have a look to see if your idea can
qualify for grants ranging from 3 500USD to 30 000USD.

Projects that we fund come from three areas:

*1. Access and development*

*2. Security and tech*

*3. Internet governance*

To know more, visit the Beyond the Net
or simply reply to this message with your questions.

Best regards,

Ilda Simao
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