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Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Thu Jul 9 10:13:58 UTC 2015

I am having issues with the coherency of this email, but, it is
neither a closed loop nor is there insufficient outreach.

The problem is much, much bigger than insiders not reaching out, or
rather, not enough travel funding and Per Diem dished out to

The process is being pushed by the constituency having the most to
gain and the most to loose.  And the most resources.

The Co-Chairmanship ranges from the weak, over the the pathetic and
arrogant to the intentional, ICANN Staff having insinuated
themselves deeply into the process.

There is nothing in any of the proposals for (small to medium)
ccTLDs, which will affect us Africans very severely.

It might be a little much to ask to read through several thousands
of email messages, transcripts of well over 100 conference calls (at
least 39 of the main CCWG and numerous of 4-5 working parties/sub

But, there just is no excuse for not registering as a participant
and taking part.


On 2015-07-08 23:59, ymshana2003 wrote:
> Accountability and more of it required...
> Getting out there to outreach is essential....what is done by a closed
> loop of few people is not enough and questionable..
> Where is us Africa in this.? We end up having few individuals shuttling
> from one meeting to another just for the fun if Free Tours .?
> Time to wake up and to look inwards nitt outwards....
> Kind regards
> Yassin
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