[AfrICANN-discuss] Overview of Africa sessions during ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore

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Tue Feb 3 10:12:12 UTC 2015

Hi all,
 ICANN's 52nd PublicMeeting is taking place in Singapore from 8 -12 February at the Raffles CityConvention Centre, Strategicallylocated in the heart of Singapore. This meeting comes at a critical timeespecially considering the recent developments since the historic NTIA announcement to transition stewardship of the IANAfunctions to the multistakeholder community way back on March 4, 2014. Asusual, the ICANN Africa team will also be hosting not one, but two criticalmeetings during ICANN 52 namely: 1)   Africa Strategy 2016 – 2020As you mayrecall, in November 2014, and as a response to requests fromthe African community to further review and evolve the Africa Strategy and makeit more responsive to Africa while aligning it to the new ICANN 2016 – 2020Strategic Plan, The ICANN African team convened a special consultative sessionwith the community during AFRINIC 21 in Mauritius. This meeting was attended by representativesfrom SO / AC leaders, AFNOG, AFRINIC, AFTLD, GAC, AFRALO, AFICTA, NEPAD andAfrican Registrars associations who came up with a reviewed draft0 of the Africa Strategic Plan ver 2.0 (2016 - 2020). This draft iscurrently under public comments and the session scheduled for Tue,10 February 2015 - 11:15 to 12:45 SGT will be used to present the newplan for final inputs before approval and adoption by the community. 2)   Enhanced Engagement With AfricaOne of theoutstanding challenges observed by the community is the limited meaningful andconsistent participation of the African community in most SupportingOrganizations and Advisory Committees in ICANN and the wider IG ecosystemespecially by governments. Africa’s is yet to make her voice and influenceheard in the global policy making processes on issues affecting the Internetand there is need to proactively and progressively change this scenario. In thisregard, the Africa Strategy Review team again sitting alongside AFRINIC 21meeting deliberated and came up with a list of four projects expected toenhance ICANN’s Engagement in Africa leading to ICANN 55 meeting in MarrakechMorocco. These special projects focusing on reaching out mainly to African governmentsand regulators include: a)    Activeparticipation in African regional and continental ICT ministerial meetingsb)   ICANNHigh Level Governmental Meeting (HLGM), During ICANN 55c)    NewGenProgram during ICANN 55d)   Workshopfor Africa Telecom regulators during ICANN 55 The ICANNAfrica team has organized a briefing session scheduled for Wed, 11 February 2015 - 10:30 to 11:45 SGT to share withyou details of these projects and seek your further input. We take thisopportunity to welcome you, our community, to these 2 Africa sessions as weendeavor to deliver collectively on the Africa Strategy. We shall also provideremote participation details for both sessions as well as share recordingsafter the meeting.

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