[AfrICANN-discuss] Zimbabwe Holds its First DNS Workshop, Could this be a Step towards Better DNS Management?

Mike Silber silber.mike at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 16:15:57 UTC 2015

On 02/12/2015 17:35, Marketing Consultancy wrote:
> I think both ends may hold water, it's subject to debate. I have just 
> come across the following article on that which may be a good read 
> regarding the subject;
> http://whois.icann.org/en/primer
Maybe not the best place to start given that it is a primer and it 
reflects a static point in an evolving ecosystem. I would suggest you at 
least look at the following as well:




I would also remind you that ZISPA does offer a "look up" service for 
co.zw - not full whois access, but it does work.

Personally I would be more concerned with working abuse@ addresses (RFC 

Michele operates a successful registrar business. Might be worth getting 
him to explain his views, rather than arguing with him.


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