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Just providing additional information 

> On Sep 28, 2014, at 17:37, "Victor Ndonnang" <ndonnang at nvconsulting.biz> wrote:
> Dear Remmy,
> I 100% agree with on the fact that more awareness, communication and marketing activities are needed…But the insurance and financial requirements of the ICANN RAA is not an “non-existing” excuse for developing countries/African companies willing to become accredited registrars.

The insurance and financial requirement are relevant for registrars but there may be additional issues

- how new registrar will manage account information, authorizations and profile with 1000+ gtld registries. Can you visit 1000 websites and make updates as needed?
- how registrar to pay money to 1000+ registries (requires prepayment). Can you deposit $1000 in each of 1000 gtld registries ie put deposit of $1,000,000.00 most of which may not use?
- how to epp connect to 1000+ registries. Can you establish these technical setup a one by one for 1000+ registries
- ot/e testing for over 1000+ registries. Can you physically perform the testing with over 1000+ registries 

etc. as in the paper at ICANN website on the subject. These are new challenges for new registrars in developing countries in addition to competing with numerous resellers ;)

> Tell me how many serious companies in Africa can easily obtain “commercial general liability insurance” of $500,000? Zero! Most of the 7 active African accredited registrars became accredited through an US or European based satellite or partner (…I’m not saying that partnership is not good)….How many serious companies in Africa can easily demonstrate the ability to procure liquid working capital of $70,000? Just to do a domain name business… Very few.

The Ghana Dot Com registrar insurance is from Ghana and it's not from a USA partner. It is good business practice to have insurance; the business may impact customers. 

The business also honestly needs more capital than $70,000.00 to succeed

Bon weekend
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