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I must commend the team for this work. I am also glad that the updates are
now becoming regular through the Newsletter. 
Kudos and looking forward to more engagement.



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> Dear listers,
> Please see below our October 2014 Newsletter. Your comments are very
> welcome. thank you.
> Regards
> Bob.
>       We are excited to share with you our October 2014 edition of the
> AfrICANN newsletter, and hope you enjoyed reading our EMEA Newsletter,
> which covered the general developments in the last three months within
> ICANN in the EMEA regions, as well as the wider Internet Ecosystem. It is
> our hope that these tools continue to be important vessels in keeping you -
> our community and stakeholders - informed about our work in Africa and
> beyond. With your feedback, we believe that together, we will make
> significant strides in elevating the DNS industry in Africa.
> In this AfriICANN edition, we shall highlight some of the key activities
> and events that the Africa team has participated in the last two months and
> update you on the planned activities coming in the near future. A special
> focus (Spotlight) has been given to our recent participation in the just
> concluded Smart Rwanda Days <http://www.smartrwandadays.rw/> forum in
> Kigali Rwanda where ICANN Africa team and one of the ICANN board members -
> Mike Silber - hosted two distinguished panels. We are also happy to welcome
> The Gambia and Niger as the latest addition to the list of Africa's GAC
> members in ICANN. Our DNSSEC roadshow flagship project has now reached 8
> countries and counting.
> Lastly, and in response to the desire by the community to re-evaluate the
> Africa Strategy with a view of making it more responsive to African needs,
> the ICANN Africa team is planning a special consultative meeting to be held
> during Afrinic 21 in November 2014 to help come up with modalities of
> appointing a Steering Committee to oversee the Implementation of the Africa
> Strategy. Please read on.
> *Welcome to AfrICANN and happy reading!*
> *Africa Team*
>  Spotlight: ICANN at Smart Rwanda Days (Oct 2-3 2014)
> SMART Rwanda Days is to be an annual event bringing together national and
> international stakeholders in the ICT sector - industry experts, policy
> makers, and development partners - to discuss how Rwanda can leverage
> Information Communication Technologies for economic transformation in line
> with her Vision 2020. This year's event was held at the Serena Hotel,
> Kigali under the theme "Digitising Rwanda" and was attended by more than
> 400 participants. The overall programme is here
> <http://www.smartrwandadays.rw/IMG/pdf/program.pdf>.
> It is the first of a series of SMART Africa days to be organized in each
> African country. To be noted, ICANN is a member of the SMART Africa
> Alliance, which was formed in October 2013 in Addis Ababa; other members
> are the ITU, the AUC and the AfDB. ICANN was represented at SMART Rwanda
> days by the Africa team and Mike Silber, a member of the ICANN board of
> directors.
> We did three things during the 2-day forum. We held bilateral meetings and
> hosted two panels. The bilateral meetings were with government delegations
> - ICT ministers from Kenya, Rwanda and Republic of Southern Sudan). Also in
> attendance were ITU secretary General Dr. Hamadoun Toure and One UN
> resident Coordinator for Rwanda Mr. Lamin M. Manneh. We also held meetings
> with lecturers from the Carnegie Mellon University of Rwanda. As for the
> two panels hosted, they revolved around:
> *A)* Internet Governance
> *B)* Greasing the wheels of the Internet Economy
> While speaking at the official closure of the forum, President Paul Kagame
> echoed the rallying call and tone of the forum "We need to treat broadband
> like a utility that we should avail and make affordable to as many people
> as we can." Specifically, he stressed that digital innovation means ideas
> do not have borders and therefore countries cannot be landlocked! On his
> part, Dr. Toure, echoed Kagame's remarks on the progress made in recent
> years in ICT, saying that Africa was catching up with the rest of the world
> and that the next step would be building a knowledge-based society. "We
> have the right resources, the younger generation who we believe in, and a
> framework that was established and detailed in the Smart Africa Manifesto,"
> Toure said.
> The two ICANN Panels were spot on and generated very active debates.
>  *A) Panel Discussion <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOwYC-6JyTw> on
> "Internet governance"*
>  *Moderator:* Steve Mutabazi, Acting Head ICT; Rwanda Development Board
> *Speakers:*
>    - Pierre Dandjinou, VP, Stakeholder Engagement - Africa, ICANN
>    - Mike Silber, Head Legal and Commercial of Liquid Telecomms
>    - Patrick Nyirishema, Ag. Director General of RURA, Rwanda
>    - Ghislain Nkeramugaba, Ag. CEO, RICTA
>    - Hon. Vincent Waiswa Bagiire, MP, Parliament, Republic of Uganda
> The panel discussion opened with a video presentation by Fadi Chehade; in
> his welcoming remarks Fadi emphasized on what ICANN does and why Africa
> should be part of the overall debate on Internet Governance. Pierre took
> over with slides presentation on ICANN and most specifically current
> discussions and work on the NTIA's declaration on transition of the
> stewardship of IANA's functions. Other panelists proceeded with addressing
> specific points related to ICANN's role within the debate on the Internet
> governance.
> The representative of RURA, the Rwandan regulator insisted on the
> necessity for inclusive debates and the need for countries to have a
> certain control over the content, which circulates on the Internet. The
> Honourable Vincent Bagiire, a Parliamentarian from Uganda recognized the
> important role played by ICANN, but was on the opinion that ICANN does not
> communicate enough on its activities and moreover, has been too slow in
> solving issues related to re delegation of ccTLDs. The representative of
> the ICT Association of Rwanda, RICTA which manages the .RW gave an account
> of how the country's domain is being managed and called for a national
> organization of stakeholders so that they could best contribute to the
> Internet governance. He brought in the issue of Cybersecurity. Mike Silber
> indicated that ICANN 's remit is about coordination of critical resources
> and that many issues being raised such as content control or cybersecurity
> should be dealt with in other arenas to be created. He insisted on the
> importance of participating in the global debate on Internet governance.
> In summary, it was agreed that:
>    1. Africa needs an informed participation to be able to contribute to
>    ICANN and other fora on Internet governance
>    2. There is a need to promote debates on IG at national and regional
>    levels
>    3. ICANN should help build a conducive environment which generates the
>    type of leadership that is needed to contribute to ICANN's activities
>    4. Though some information is available on ICANN's website, it should
>    seek other means to better communicate on its activities, while targeting
>    different stakeholders.
> *B) Panel Discussion on "Greasing the wheels of the Internet Economy"*
> *Moderator:* Ali Hussein, CEO, 3Mice Interactive (Kenya)
> *Speakers:*
>    - Hon. Dr. Fred Okeng'o Matiangi, Ministry of ICT, Republic of Kenya
>    - Pitchette Kampeta Sayinzoga, PS, Ministry of Finance and Economic
>    Planning - Rwanda
>    - Tongai Maramba, CEO, Tigo Rwanda
>    - Sunir Chandaria, Vice President, Conros Corporation (Rwanda)
>    - Andrew Rugege, Regional Director for Africa, ITU
>    - Pierre Dandjinou, VP, Stakeholder Engagement Africa, ICANN
> This session was held in the main plenary, with over 100 participants in
> attendance including the ICT ministers from Republic of Southern Sudan,
> Rwanda, and PS ICT for Republic of Mali and Gabon and streamed live
> <http://youtu.be/T96i-uB6zMQ>. To set the stage for the panel, the BCG
> report was presented in a few slides; followed by presentations by each
> speakers and an interaction with the audience.
> In summary, very interesting dialogues with high profile panelists. The
> discussions reflected the rich mix of the panelists with most supporting
> the findings of the BCG report. "This report has summed up our headache in
> matters of ICTs in Africa with the correct term - efriction" noted Mr.
> Tongai of Tigo. Pierre was keen on addressing the motivation as to why this
> report was commissioned by ICANN while Dr. Matiangi elaborated the various
> initiatives in flight in Kenya and within the East African Northern
> Corridor projects to address some of the efrictions listed in the report.
> Panelists were in general agreement that it is high time ICT infrastructure
> was considered as 'critical' as roads, Power lines and water
> infrastructure, and that strategies including content and application
> generation as well as skills development be central to the uptake of ICT
> for growth and job creation in the African region.
> This was echoed by the ICT minister from Rwanda Hon. Jean Philbert
> Nsengimana who stressed in his remarks during the closing ceremony that
> "For the Smart Rwanda Days specifically this year we chose 'Digitising
> Rwanda' as a theme, in recognition of the fact that Africa's digital
> economies are growing faster than traditional sectors and the potential for
> an even bigger contribution to national GDPs is yet to be unleashed".
> *The ICANN Africa team*
>  Africa Team Engagement Activities in Focus
> *DNSSEC Roadshow In Yaounde (Cameroon)*
> Last month, we held our latest DNSSEC Roadshow in Yaoundé Cameroon from
> September 17-19, 2014. With about 100 participants taking part at Ecole
> Nationale Supérieure des Postes et Télécommunications (ENSPT), in Yaoundé.
> The workshop covered general awareness, capacity building in DNSSEC
> technical implementation and, evaluation of the current infrastructure at
> the ccTLD level, and next steps for DNSSEC deployment.
>   *Business Engagement Roundtable and Breakfast Meeting, Nairobi Kenya
> (Sept 8-9, 2014)*
> The work of ICANN in coordinating the names and addresses of the Internet
> helps keep it global, expanding and interoperable. Furthermore, increased
> access to a global, expanding, and interoperable Internet is good for
> business and national economies. Support for this point can be found in the
> Boston Consulting Group's report on E friction, "Greasing the Wheels of
> the Internet Economy"
> <https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/bcg-internet-economy-27jan14-en.pdf>
> .
> The BCG report came out in January, and continues to resonate with
> governments and business leaders around the world by providing a clear
> roadmap of how businesses and national economies can continue to benefit by
> fully embracing a global, borderless Internet.
> Our aim in hosting this event in Nairobi was to stimulate meaningful
> private sector involvement especially in Africa in ICANN as well the wider
> IG ecosystem. The mixed presentation and panel roundtable meeting was led
> by ICANN's Chris Mondini supported by Kenyan private sector ICT experts
> with discussions focused on 3 major topics; Africa Strategy, BCG report
> presentation and Panel Discussion on Business Engagement.
> *Southern Africa IGF: Lilongwe Malawi*
>  ICANN participated in the Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum 2014
> (SAIGF-14) convened from 17 - 19 Sept 2014 in Lilongwe, Malawi. This high
> level multi-stakeholder event on emerging issues on Internet Governance
> (IG) in SADC was hosted by the Government of Malawi. The SAIGF-14 was
> co-convened by SADC Secretariat in conjunction with the New Partnership for
> Africa's Development (NEPAD) Agency, the Association for Progressive
> Communications (APC) and the Southern African NGO Network (SANGONET) under
> the theme "Internet Governance as a Building Block of SADC Regional
> Integration". The event attracted over 200 delegates from nine (9) SADC
> Member States.
> ICANN hosted 2 panel sessions on Africa Strategy and another on IANA
> stewardship transition / Enhancing ICANN Accountability. The event also
> provided an opportunity for productive bilateral meetings with visiting
> delegates from SADC member states and the host Malawi GAC rep who is also
> the secretary for e-government. NEPAD also announced plans to host the 2ND
> Africa School on Internet Governance alongside Afrinic 21 in November this
> year. Here is the comprehensive media release
> <http://www.sadc.int/documents-publications/show/2789>.
> *ICANN at Demo Africa 2014 (Sept 24 - 26 2014)*
> DEMO Africa is one of the flagship initiatives of Liberalizing Innovation
> Opportunity Nations (LIONS at FRICA) Partnership and aims to connect African
> startups to the global ecosystem. It offers start-ups from all over Africa
> a platform to meet VCs, investors, tech acquisition specialists, IT buyers
> and media from across the region and around the globe. The Start-ups are
> given an opportunity to launch their products to a tech eco-system under
> various categories including Health, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Retail
> and education.
>  This event offered us the perfect opportunity to tap into the potential
> of African youth to stimulate digital entrepreneurship. Through
> collaboration with tech hubs and Incubators, practical training and support
> to potential startups interested in the DNS field can be offered, to launch
> and operate a registry / registrar business. (DNS incubation).
> We at ICANN, understand the need for strategic partnerships with private
> sector players, technology and global firms and other donor institutions to
> support the project which is why we follow and participate in DEMO Africa
> and similar events. The event now in its 3 edition in Africa was hosted in
> Lagos, Nigeria in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Communication
> and Technology, the National IT Development Agency and the LIONS at FRICA
> partners. Key guest who addressed the meeting included the Minister for
> ICT, Mrs. Omobola Johnson and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry (Video
> Message <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGzmmXsZNhA>).
> *Connect 2 Connect (C2C) Summit. Dar es salaam, Tanzania*
> The C2C summit <http://extensia-events.com/events/connect-2-connect-2014/>
> was organized by Extensia <http://extensia-events.com/> in partnership
> with Tanzania's ministry of Communications Science & Technology (MCST) and
> the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd. (TTCL). The summit recognized
> the cross-sector collaborative efforts in building an Information Society
> and a Knowledge Economy across the Eastern, Central and Southern regions of
> Africa. Attracting over 240 international policy makers, regulators,
> service providers, major end users, investors and solution providers, from
> 28 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.
> "The high level of attendance is a clear indication of the importance of
> ICT and serious vision for creating an information society and knowledge
> economy" noted PS MCST, Tanzania.
> As ICANN, our aim in collaborating with Extensia and participating in such
> events is to use the platforms to deepen our engagements with key
> delegations from across sectors and expose them to ICANN's work as we
> invite governments to join GAC.
> We had very constructive bilateral meetings with the Minster for ICT,
> Republic or southern Sudan Ms. Rebecca J. Okwaci, the host and chief guest
> of the day, PS MCST, for Tanzania, Prof. Patrick J. Makungu, and the the
> deputy minister for ICT - Republic of Zimbabwe Dr. W. Mlambo as well as
> representatives from the African Telecommunications Union - ATU. The rest
> were private sector players and CEO's from diverse sectors but largely from
> Telco's, Regulators and ISPs. Please see more details here
> <http://extensia-events.com/events/connect-2-connect-2014/> and here
> <http://www.slideshare.net/nairdallah/c2c-2014-summit-review>.
> *National ICT Summit - Namibia*
> ICANN was invited for a key note presentation at the first ever national
> ICT event in Namibia organized by the Ministry of Information and
> Communication Technology in partnership with Telecom Namibia at the
> Windhoek Country Club Resort in Windhoek, on the 6th and 7th October 2014.
> Bob Ochieng represented ICANN at the summit and presented on 3 key topics;
> Africa Strategy Implementation, IANA Stewardship Transition and the new
> gTLD programme. The event also provided an opportunity for bilateral
> meetings with the ICT leadership in the Ministry of ICT including the Hon.
> minister Joel Kaapanda, MP, the PS ICT Mr. Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana and Mr.
> Henry Kassen, the GAC rep for Namibia (Henry is currently vying for the GAC
> vice chair position during ICANN 51) as well CEOs of Namibia Telecom and
> the Regulator (CRAN <http://www.cran.na/>) and lecturers from University
> of Namibia (UNAM). A record 250 delegates were in attendance during the
> 2-day event. Please read more here <http://www.namibiaictsummit.na/>.
>   Upcoming Events in Africa
> *Afrinic 21 <http://www.afrinic.net/en/library/news/1013-af21>*
> ICANN Africa team will be hosting a special meeting for the mid term
> review of the Africa Strategy and possible formation of a steering
> committee to oversee the implementation.
> *ICANN AfICTA joint Workshop <http://aficta.org/index.php/events>*
> The 2nd AfICTA Summit with the theme "Fostering a Smart Africa" is
> scheduled to hold on November 3-5, 2014 @ the Conference Centre, Cairo,
> Egypt. ICANN Africa team and together with ICANN Middle East colleagues
> will host 2 day workshop focused on Registrar issues.
> *MEDays Forum <http://www.medays.org>*
> The Amadeus Institute, first Think Tank in the Maghreb, will organize the
> seventh edition of the international MEDays Forum in Tangier, Morocco, from
> November 12th to 15th, 2014. ICANN VP for Africa, Mr. Pierre Dandjinou will
> give a key note address under the topic *"Cyber War and e-security: How
> to Solve the Snowden Equation?"*
>   From ICANN Global
>    - *ICANN 51:* Please read all about ICANN 51 at
>    http://la51.icann.org/en/
>    - *IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability:* ICANN has
>    published Revised Enhancing ICANN Accountability: Process and Next Steps:
>    https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2-2014-10-10-en
>    - ITU Plenipotentiary Conference scheduled for Busan (Republic of
>    Korea) in November 2014
>    <http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Pages/default.aspx>
>     <https://twitter.com/ICANN> <https://www.facebook.com/icannorg>
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