[AfrICANN-discuss] "The .ug debate: Is Redelegation Necessary?" / www.newvision.co.ug

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Wed Oct 15 22:12:23 UTC 2014

Interesting read, indeed.

Should .UG be revoked and transferred to another entity?  OF COURSE

But, why are we, who are not involved, waste our time on this
debate?  Never mind that some of us don't even get the terminology

They have not committed Substantial Misconduct.

How gracious of you (who runs his business in the diaspora) to grant
someone in a foreign country a role to play in expropriation of
their property.

Are you accredited with them?


On 2014-10-15, 09:15 , Oluniyi D. Ajao [Web4Africa] wrote:
> Interesting read.
> 1.  Should .ug be re-delegated from the current company to a more
> national entity?  YES. A community-driven registry (examples:
> ZACR, NiRA, KeNIC) is much better in every way.
> 2.  Should the current managers be demonized?  NO. They have a
> strong role to play in the transition if moves were made to
> re-delegate.  They can stay on as a leading registrar after
> re-delegated.

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