[AfrICANN-discuss] cf, .ml, .ga operator champion of phishing/ Freenom parmi les champions du phising

Emmanuel ADJOVI emmanuel.adjovi at francophonie.org
Sun Oct 5 14:05:39 UTC 2014




“The Freenom-operated ccTLDs .cf (Central African Republic), .ml (Mali) and
.ga (Gabon) top the table of most-polluted TLDs, alongside PW Registry’s .pw
(Palau). Freenom, which also runs .tk, offers free domains, while PW
Registry has a very low registry fee. APWG measures the risk of phishing by
TLD by counting phishing domains per 10,000 registered names, where the
median score is 4.7 and .com’s score is 4.1. .cf tops the charts with 320.8,
followed by .ml with 118.9, .pw with 122, .ga with 42,9 and .th (Thailand)
with 27.5. These number include compromised as well as phisher-registered


Le rapport est en lien à la fin de l’article.


Emmanuel Adjovi


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