[AfrICANN-discuss] African Union Agenda 2063 aspirations: Request for input/contributions

Mukom Akong T. mukom.tamon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 12:45:06 UTC 2014

Hi Alice,

I think it's a great idea that the AUC is seeking contributions. If you can
get to the decison makers there, could you suggest that they vastly improve
the mechanism by which these contributions are sent in.

The attachment mentions that "Contributions can be shared publicly or sent
directly to <email-address>" and no further information is given about how
to publicly contribute.

Perhaps they could consider

a) Designing and launching a well structured survey that get's the
contributions in a structured way that can the be used in some strategic
planning document.

b) Designate a public mailing list for open contributions and deliberations.

A vision for 2063 certainly needs a befitting mechanism for seeking in-put.


On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 3:25 PM, Alice Munyua <alice at apc.org> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> (Apologies for cross posting)
> During the Africa ICT week in 2012, African Heads of State and governments
> of the African Union adopted Agenda 2063, which contains seven aspiration
> for "the Africa we want"
> 1) A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable
> development
> 2) An integrated continent, politically united and based on the ideal Pan
> Africanism and the vision of Africa’s Renaissance.
> 3) An Africa of Good Governance, Democracy, Respect for human rights,
> Justice and the Rule of law
> 4) A Peaceful and Secure Africa
> 5) An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared
> values and ethics
> 6) An Africa where development is people-driven, unleashing the potential
> of women and youth
> 7) Africa as a strong, united and influential global player and partner
> The African Union Commission (AUC) is seeking stakeholder input and
> comments on how the "ICT Sector" would contribute to these aspirations.
> I) How ICT can contribute to each aspirations),
> ii) how to set up a regular AU and the African stakeholders a coordination
> mechanism to develop and monitor continental projects,
> iii) how to tape on our own African (financial) and human resources to
> implement our continental programs
>  Stakeholder contributions will form part of the final documents for the
> AU Summit.
> Attached, the AU agenda 2063 aspirations.
> Please send comments to
> Moctar Yedaly <YedalyM at africa-union.org>
> Best regards
> Alice
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