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Hi Seun,I see your mail as a reminder with all the informative links you added, and thank you for that. Look ! on  03 september, Adiel, the CEO of Afrinic, sent a mail to the "AfrICANN list" <africann at afrinic.net>, with the subject: "[IANAOversight] Update on the IANA oversight transition process & call for discussion"Inside that call he requested  2 or 3 volunteers to moderate the discussion inside our region, But all of us we were(as usual) stuck and busy with our daily job to survive and overcome some elementaries issues in  family, in addition with the lack of the Internet access, not to mention the new diseases which came to plumb our social atmosphere (Ebola, boko-haram, hunger and other).With all of this, the time to discuss on the improvement of the Internet for the upcoming years can not be the most important and urgent topic on the floor.But inside all  these tumults, we must work and make proposals for our Region about the Stewardship transition.I hope that through the Call for nominations to serve in the CRISP Team, Afrinic will get 2 or 3  people who will certainly moderate the discussion on the topic and come out with the voice of our Region for the ICG .
Warm regards,/Janvier NgnoulayeISOC Cameroon

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Hello all,

As discussed on the AC, kindly find below information on the items i

*The Challenge:*

Our region participation in the discussion at the moment is quite low and
we encourage us all to share our thoughts and perspectives about all these.
Below is some information that can be useful:

*Our region discussion on numbers:*

There is a discussion room setup by AFRINIC and its currently lacking
contribution. At the moment, there are just 2 proposals that has come in
and one of them is from a non-African. Below is the subscription

Subscription page:
Global space for numbers: https://www.nro.net/mailman/listinfo/ianaxfer

*Discussion on names:*
This is bassically happening at the cross community working group (CWG) on
stewardship transition. Below are information about the discussion:

CWG- Stewardship Charter -

Members/Participants -

Sub-groups created -

Status of documents -

Upcoming/past meetings + references -


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