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This is such rubbish that I checked for Lerato Ma in the headers.

The barrier of entry are mainly technical requirements which are not that difficult to meet, in the first place.

Besides the fact that you obviously do not know what the words capital flight mean, end users could at the very least make use of the existing 7 to register names within gTLDs. Never mind that they should support their ccTLD in the first place.

Registrars do not, per se, provide DNS services, nor do end users seek such services. Resolution of names is generally provided by the ISP any end user contracts with, and is easy to do by the client themselves, if only by entering IP addresses of resolvers. There are many free authoritative name servers available.

I agree with Calvin Browne about the real deterrents, commitment and work. There are so many ccTLDs already running EPP capable Registers in Africa, but the wannabe Registrars don't even make an effort to master EPP. 

Why are we Africans always asking for handouts?

I do agree that the African DNS Strategy is a dismal failure but that's to be expected given the individual(s) involved.


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> On Jun 20, 2014, at 16:34, Mwendwa Kivuva <Kivuva at transworldafrica.com> wrote:
> ICANN should move beyong RHETORIC to Support the Domain Name Industry in Underserved Regions. This talk has gone on for too long, wuth nil results.
> Out of approximately 1,000 ICANN accredited domain name registrars exist, only 7 are based and operate in Africa.
> 1.     Internet Solutions (IS)  based in South Africa.
> 2.     Kheweul.com is based in Senegal primarily targeting the francophone region in Africa.
> 3.     AfriRegister based in Burundi
> 4.     Ghana dot com a parent of the first internet service provider of Ghana NCS. Seems to operate primarily in Ghana.
> 5.     Genious Communications is based in Morocco
> 6.     Diamatrix also based in South
> 7.     Web4Africa based in Ghana
> The barriers to entry as ICANN accredited registrar are beyond the reach of many startups, forcing capital flight from the continent because end users are forced to seek DNS services from without the continent.
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>> On 20 June 2014 17:14, Gunela Astbrink <g.astbrink at gsa.com.au> wrote:
>> Thanks for your offer, Nnenna.
>> I agree - all stakeholders need to be considered. This includes people with disability - one billion people globally.
>> The domain name industry has a great opportunity to raise awareness and support web accessibility (based on established international W3C guidelines) for people with disability. This can be done by ccTLDs as well as by registries and registrars when provisioning new domain names.
>> Regards,
>> Gunela
>> Tracy F. Hackshaw @ Google said the following on 20/06/14 02:28 :
>>> Awesome Nnenna!
>>> ICANN needs recognize the specific needs, and respond accordingly, of
>>> its stakeholders ... ALL of them ... And not only by Geographic location
>>> or by "Professional" affiliation.
>>> As an example ... The unique needs of and challenges faced by Small
>>> Island Developing States (2014 is the UN International Year of Small
>>> Island Developing States), Landlocked and Least Developed Countries
>>> requires specific attention and best fit solutions.
>>> One solution cannot fit all.
>>> Thanks for any help you can provide to get this message out.
>>> ------
>>> Rgds,
>>> Tracy
>>> On Jun 19, 2014 1:36 PM, "Nnenna Nwakanma" <nnenna75 at gmail.com
>>> <mailto:nnenna75 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>     Hi there
>>>     ICANN is holding its second At-Large Summit  (ATLAS) next week,
>>>     during ICANN 50 in London.
>>>     I will be doing a brief keynote speech "as a user".
>>>     Just checking with you, from where you are, what are your key issues
>>>     that you think ICANN should be made to understand?
>>>     I will do what is possible to take the message along, to the measure
>>>     of my ability.
>>>     The ATLAS holds Tuesday.
>>>     Cheers
>>>     Nnenna
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