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2014-07-28 15:41 UTC, Mamadou LO <alfamamadou at hotmail.com>:
> Hi ALL!!
> A big and essential talking point here Victor : "Strengthening our national
> and regional IGFs". Incresasing participation of  people from civil society,
> bank, lawyer, economist can help us reach some goals like development of
> domain name industry.  Internet industry will be developed by people coming
> from business. We need to talk to them!! And why not thinking for IGFs on a
> standard model of agenda or schedule for all countries and region; this can
> facililate to collect outputs in order to build african policies on higher
> level.
> Regards!
> Mamadou
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> Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:15:32 -0400
> Subject: RE: [AfrICANN-discuss] "Africa and  ICANN "
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> Greetings Yassin! I agree with you; there is a need to start by putting
> things in order at the national level. We cannot pretend to participate at a
> global level and have an influence on Internet policies at the global level
> when nothing is done at the national or regional level. Strengthening our
> national and regional IGFs moving forward will be key in the process...And as
> you said intra-continent initiatives (Africans helping Africans) are
> important too. Let's do our homework...More doing, less talking!Best
> regards,Victor.    De : africann-bounces at afrinic.net
> [mailto:africann-bounces at afrinic.net] De la part de ymshana2003
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> À : Victor Ndonnang; 'AfrICANN list'
> Objet : RE: [AfrICANN-discuss] "Africa and ICANN " Greetings and happy Eid
> to thise who celebrate. Victor et al... It is true a lot has been going on
> and moving forward fast considering the situation. That is why I suggest to
> call this discussion "Africa and ICANN". It is on us Africans in  self
> reliant approach. A discussion with Fahd in Jordan led to the need to put
> more effort at national level and structures to have ICT policies that would
> promote what is being done at global level.  Why so? There can a lot of
> information to tap in yes....but....you will agree that it is not enough.
> Ignorance of ICANN and its global processes will not just go away without
> working on promoting it at lower levels... The need to support each other
> within Africa for each country to have credible ICT policies is still there.
> Few nations have crafted and adopted theirs and business is going on well.
> I think ISOCs are the best organs to introduced and push for this in
> respective countries while other activities are going on. Current
> limitations should not hinder that intent and handouts from ICANN should not
> be the only means to do with...not eniugh and is unsustainable choice. Let
> us think wider away from technical issue on how to work with our leaderships
> in respective countries (where it is possible). Cheers Yassin  Sent from
> Samsung Mobile
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