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Reminder ...

Deadline for nominations is today 2 July 2014,    Regards, Paulos

On 27 Jun 2014 at 17:05, Dr Paulos Nyirenda <paulos at> wrote:

> ccTLDs,
> Africa Region
> The ccNSO is calling for nominations for the IANA Stewardship
> Transition Coordination Committee as copied here below. The call goes
> out to all ccTLDs including members and non-members of ccNSO
> If you are interested in this role then you need to apply following
> the instructions in the call for nominations as copied here below.
> The ccNSO will evaluate applicants to select 4 ccTLD representatives
> for the Coordination Committee of 27 members as detailed in the call.
> AFTLD and other Regional Organisations (TLDOs) are supporting this
> effort and we are hereby making this effort to reach all ccTLDs in our
> Africa region.
> The deadline for nominations is 2 July 2014.
> Regards,
> Paulos
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> Dr Paulos B Nyirenda
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> Subject: [Cctldworld] Call for ccTLD Engagement and Nominations NTIA
> Process
> Participation of ccTLDs in IANA Stewardship Transition Engagement
> Process and Call for Nominations for ccTLD Managers to Participate in
> the Stewardship Transition Coordination Group - 26 June 2014
> The ccNSO and the four regional ccTLD organisations (AFTLD, APTLD,
> CENTR & LACTLD) are writing jointly to invite the active participation
> of ccTLD managers in this very important process.
> Summary
> The US Government has announced its intention to transition the
> IANA-related functions to the global multistakeholder community. This
> action will have a direct impact on all ccTLD managers, so they are
> encouraged to become involved in this transition planning process.
> ICANN is establishing a 'Coordinating Committee' as part of this
> process to develop an IANA stewardship transition proposal based on
> stakeholder input. There will be 27 representatives on this group,
> including 4 ccTLD 'operators'. The ccNSO has been asked to select
> these four individuals. The purpose of this message is to encourage
> all ccTLDs, whether or not they are members of the ccNSO, to become
> engaged in this process and to seek nominations for these four places.
> Background
> On 14 March 2014 the US Department of Commerce's National
> Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) announced its
> intent to transition stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers
> Authority (IANA) functions to the global multistakeholder community.
> The NTIA asked the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
> (ICANN), as the IANA functions contractor and global coordinator for
> the Domain Name System (DNS), to convene a multistakeholder process to
> develop a proposal for the transition. NTIA also said that the
> transition proposal produced through this process must have broad
> community support and address the following four principles:
> o Support and enhance the multistakeholder model;
> o Maintain the security, stability, and resiliency of the Internet
> DNS; o Meet the needs and expectation of the global customers and
> partners of the IANA services; and, o Maintain the openness of the
> Internet.
> The NTIA also said that it will not accept a proposal that replaces
> the NTIA role with a government-led or an inter-governmental
> organization solution. Full details of IANA's announcement are
> available at:
> ition-key-internet-domain-name -functions .
> As part of that process, on June 8, 2014, ICANN announced that it is
> creating a 'Coordinating Group' as part of the process to help develop
> an IANA stewardship transition proposal. The creation of this group
> was informed by comments received by ICANN on a previous proposal.
> ICANN stated what it though the role of the Coordination Group would
> be: "it will be responsible for preparing a transition proposal
> respective of the differing needs of the various affected parties of
> the IANA functions. It should be responsible for assembling the
> components from the respective communities into a single proposal
> meeting the criteria set out by NTIA". However, ICANN went on to say
> that "this document does not prescribe the roles and responsibilities
> for the Coordination Group. The Coordination Group may use the input
> at its discretion as it works toward defining its modes of operation
> and working methods." We understand that work is underway among
> relevant stakeholder groups to draft and develop consensus around
> various aspects of the transition. The full text of the ICANN
> announcement can be found at:
> .
> ccTLD Participation in the Overall Transition Planning Process
> IANA has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the DNS so
> this transition process is of direct importance to all managers of
> TLDs, including ccTLDs. All ccTLD managers are therefore encouraged to
> make themselves aware of these proposed changes and to become actively
> engaged as planning and specific proposals emerge. The ccNSO and the
> Regional ccTLD organizations, AFTLD, APTLD, LACTLD and CENTR all
> intend to participate actively on behalf of their members. ccTLDs that
> are not members of either the ccNSO or a regional organization are
> also encouraged to contact the ccNSO and/or regional organizations in
> order to stay informed and make their input known. All ccTLDs are of
> course welcome to join either or both the ccNSO and their regional
> organization. ccTLD Participation on the Coordinating Group
> The ICANN announcement stated that the Coordination Group will be
> comprised of 27 individual members who will be selected through their
> respective communities and processes and that "care is urged to ensure
> diligent observance to diversity standards and to guard against any
> conflict of interest." Four of these 27 places on the Coordinating
> Group are reserved for ccTLD operators, both ccNSO members and
> non-ccNSO members, as selected by the ccNSO. This is the text of the
> announcement: "Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO and
> non-ccNSO Country Code Top-Level Domain [ccTLD] operators, as selected
> by the ccNSO)". ICANN also indicated that Coordination Group members
> will not be remunerated but that travel, meal and lodging costs for
> Coordination Group members to participate in Coordination Group
> meetings will be covered by ICANN, upon request and in accordance with
> ICANN's community travel support guidelines. Call for Nominations
> The ccNSO in, conjunction with the Regional ccTLD Organizations, is
> seeking nominations from ccTLD managers who might wish to be one of
> the four ccTLD representatives on the Coordinating Group, both ccNSO
> members and non-ccNSO members.
> Candidates are expected to have:
> o a thorough understanding of operating requirements of a ccTLD
> manager, o a clear understanding of the multistakeholder model, o
> a willingness to devote considerable time and energy to this process,
> which is expected to last at least 15 months, and to travel to
> face-to-face meetings, at ICANN's expense, the first of which is to be
> held in London, UK on July 16-18; o effective communication skills
> in order to represent views of ccTLD community on the Coordination
> Group and to communicate back to the ccTLD community on activities
> from the Coordinating Group o a commitment to keep the ccNSO and
> broader ccTLD community abreast of the state of play in the
> Coordination Group. Candidates for this role are requested to provide
> the ccNSO ( ccNSOsecretariat at ) with the following by 2 July
> 2014, 23.59 UTC. o a recent curriculum vitae summarizing background
> and experience, including that in ccTLD operations, and o a
> statement of maximum 500 words of what the candidate sees as being the
> main objectives that ccTLD operators should be seeking in an IANA
> transition proposal o an indication of their affiliation, if
> any,with any Internet governance or DNS industry related organization
> o a letter signed by a member of your organization's senior
> management confirming its support for your participation in the
> process.
> The names of all candidates will be made public. Interviews of
> shortlisted candidates may be conducted.
> A selection committee comprised of five members of the ccTLD
> community, including from the ccNSO Council and Regional
> Organizations, will review applications and submit the names of the
> four Coordinating Committee members to the ccNSO Council at a meeting.
> Paulos Nyirenda Chair of AFTLD
> Choon Sai Lim   Chair of APTLD
> Byron Holland Chair of the ccNSO 
> Peter Vergote Chair of CENTR
> Eduardo Santoyo Chair of LACTLD
> The ccNSO Council resolves to establish a 5 members Selection
> Committee to select the 4 members on the IANA Stewardship Transition
> Process Coordination Committee. All members of the Selection Committee
> shall be from the ccTLD community. The Selection Committee will
> include at least two members of the ccNSO Council, including its
> chair, one member of a Board of a regional TLD organization and one
> non-ccNSO member. Its task is to review the applications and select
> the 4 ccTLD members of the Coordination Committee to the ccNSO Council
> by 2 July or as soon as possible thereafter prior to an urgent special
> meeting of the ccNSO Council. In its review and selection, the
> committee will take into account and be guided by the criteria for
> selection included in the call for nominations.
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