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 I move that the committee is in place and provides the theme for thought to who will be the joint meeting AFRALO / AfrICANN in Singapore.
This will also facilitate the preparation of African Declaration .
The challenges are many and we must objectively define the theme.
 Furthermore, for the case of Africa, we must remember to include regional organizations. Like europe when the European Union and the Council of Europe who actively participate in these discussions.
It is necessary that all stakeholders in African countries are concerned and give their views. This process can only be possible if these organizations with the African Union are involved. We do not have to reinvent the wheel but we must seize every opportunity.
 We all call for the multi-stakeholder approach, but then we have to be realistic and pragmatic.
I propose that this discussion on IANA transition should figure more prominently in the IGF programs at national, regional and continental levels.
An African conference on IANA Transition organized by the African Union can be considered in  2015. These are suggestions of Team CAFEC during our General Assembly.

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     Le Vendredi 12 décembre 2014 7h42, ymshana2003 <ymshana2003 at gmail.com> a écrit :

 Dear colkeagues abd friends,
It is good to read about what our Continent aspires to do and has done in these processes.May I suggest that we follow some developments in the USA regarding current situation? The deadline of Sept 2015 might be a dream since it deoends on what the USGovt decides to do.In that case, it is suggestible that we look at tangible things sych as the intensifying the effort being made to further develop Internet-based ecinomic activities....there is more to be done in that area while contributing in the current 'politics of the Internet' which are US based.  
Just a thought on this...
Kind regardsYassin Mshana

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Thanks Barrack,

The trending thing in the next two ICANN meetings will still be the
IANA transition. Maybe we can have a theme centered around the role of
Africa in the process. Currently, three communities (names, numbers,
and protocol parameters) are working hard to ensure we meet the NTIA's
deadline. How has the continent contributed on the same?

Mwendwa Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya

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On 11 December 2014 at 16:55, Barrack Otieno <otieno.barrack at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> As has been the case in previous ICANN meetings, AFRALO will be holding
> a joint AFRALO/AfrICANN meeting to discuss issues or subjects of interest
> to our region at the scheduled ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore, which takes
> place from 8-12 February 2015
> The purpose of this message therefore is to request you to  suggest a
> theme that is appropriate for the meeting. We are also looking forward
> for presentation of a "joint statement" to the attention of ICANN at
> the end of this meeting.  We would appreciate your proposal being sent
> as soon as possible (before 20 December 2014). Please note that beyond
>  period,  If we do not receive any proposal; the Leadership ofAFRALO
> will constitute a drafting committee that will decide the theme and
> propose to the Community a draft statement to ICANN. This statement
> will be discussed at the meeting in Singapore.
>  The subject chosen should be relevant to the interest of two organizations:
>  It should be noted that the interest of this tradition, which we organize
>  together since the Brussels meeting , is to express the point of view
> of the African
>  ICANN community on current issues that are of interest to the ICANN community.
> Best Regards
> Francais ci dessous
> Bonjour à tous,
>  Comme cela a été le cas lors des réunions de l'ICANN précédentes,
> AFRALO tiendra  une réunion conjointe AFRALO / AfrICANN pour discuter
> des questions ou des sujets d'intérêt  pour notre région à la réunion
> 52 de l'ICANN prévue à Singapour, qui aura lieu du 8 au 12 Février
> 2015.
> Le but de ce message est donc de vous demander de suggérer un  thème
> approprié pour la réunion. Nous souhaitons également préparer une
> "déclaration commune" à l'attention d'ICANN à la fin de cette réunion.
> Nous apprécierions votre proposition que vous pouvez transmettre sur
> la liste avant le 20 Décembre 2014. S'il vous plaît noter que si au
> delà de ce délai, nous ne recevons aucune proposition; La direction
> d'AFRALO constituera un comité de rédaction qui choisira un thème et
> proposera à la Communauté un projet de déclaration à l'ICANN. Cette
> déclaration sera discutée lors de la réunion à Singapour.
>  Le thème choisi devrait être pertinent pour l'intérêt des deux
> organisations: AfrICANN et AFRALO.  Il convient de rappeler que
> l'intérêt de cette tradition, que nous organisons  ensemble depuis la
> réunion de Bruxelles, est d'exprimer le point de vue de l'Afrique
> Communauté de l'ICANN sur les questions actuelles qui sont d'intérêt
> pour la communauté de l'ICANN.
>  Cordialement
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