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Excellent Nnenna! The MUST is there. 
All my appreciation your community work. 
The Internet is a great public gift and all our contributions have to be driven by the public and general Interest. 
Best wishes,

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On Oct 21, 2013, at 15:23, Nnenna Nwakanma <nnenna75 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Very many thanks to all who have contributed, advised and shared. I received 50+ feedback to the email requesting input.  Below, I have tried to make a plan based on all the points. I only have 6 minutes and I am reserving 15 seconds to walking and maybe 2/3 pauses.
> =======
> A. Introduce myself : name, organisation - 45 seconds
> B. Key principles : 120 seconds
> Human rights  and the safeguard of diversity
> Multistakeholder and full participation at all levels
> The Development agenda of Internet Governance : reduce poverty, support health services, education and provide opportunities
> C : Our aims : 120 seconds
> Enhanced cooperation
> Affordable Internet
> Accessibility of and on the Internet
> Viable and capable IG processes at national levels
> D : Issues that need emphasis – 30 seconds
> Women and youth participation in IG processes and the role of Internet as a tool for social justice and equity
> The growing threat of unwarranted government surveillance across the globe
> E : Thanks – 30 seconds
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