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Interesting points here. I like the point about shaping the ecosystem.
These are the kinds of things we need to discuss. We have to set out ideas
of how to best position the Internet in developing economies. Whether we
like it or not, Africa is a major frontier for Internet development. Well
over half of sub saharan Africa is under 30, mobile communications and
Internet access are the way they live. (Judging by my children,
grandchildren and students.) This is probably one reason why ICANN is
committed to engaging more broadly with Africa.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ICANN (outside of those employed by
the California based NGO) is largely a voluntary association. We go to the
meetings and read this list because we want to -- there is no coercion.
Similarly, if we talk about how to create conditions for Internet in
Africa, we have to understand that we can only persuade. There are very
specific things that ICANN does and we should generally stick to them in
our discussions. (Check out their map of the ICANN ecosystem on the website
-- it has a succinct list of what ICANN does).

So, how can we "shape the ecosystem" as Mawaki says? Any ideas?


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