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Afrinic deals with IP addresses and they have been very active in getting
Africa ready for IPV6. They have a very large staff, so maybe they can get
some statistics out on how many IP numbers are distributed, where, etc.

As for domain names, everyone seems excited about lots of new ICANN
accredited registrars. There appears to be a belief that this is the only
way Africans will get access to domain names. I think the approach misses
the target.  CCtlds and African countries should also focus on ccTLD
accredited registrars, i.e. local businesses that provide Internet
services. Local businesses that build national infrastructure for domain
name registrations. In Namibia we have active national registrars who also
provide registrations for gTLDs as resellers for larger registrars such as
Joker.  From our perspective of .NA we see that many of these registrars
are growing their client bases. Perhaps a shift of focus is required --
take the discussion down a notch from a continent wide focus to what is
happening in national and regional markets.


On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 7:01 PM, Bob Omondi <omondibob at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> Allow me to refer you back to the just concluded Summit in Kigali  -
> Transform Africa2013, I am sure most of you followed keenly, physically and
> remotely.
> One of the very many topics for panel discussions was coined as: "*Developing
> Smart infrastructure: Developing Ubiquitous, Secure and Sustainable ICT
> Infrastructure"* I must say the discussions were led my eminent panelists!
> But it is interesting to note that the critical resources of the Internet
> (Domains, IP - Addresses, AS numbers) continue to elude many people as part
> of the entire ICT infrastructure. Not many people gave this a thought, yet
> Africa is lagging behind in the uptake of some of these resources. It is
> widely assumed that Infrastructure is limited to Broadband Infrastructure!
> We need to step up this awareness as and industry.
> my 2 cents
> Bob Ochieng.
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