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> Dear Listers,
> Allow me to refer you back to the just concluded Summit in Kigali  -
> Transform Africa2013, I am sure most of you followed keenly, physically and
> remotely.
> One of the very many topics for panel discussions was coined as: "*Developing
> Smart infrastructure: Developing Ubiquitous, Secure and Sustainable ICT
> Infrastructure"* I must say the discussions were led my eminent panelists!
> But it is interesting to note that the critical resources of the Internet
> (Domains, IP - Addresses, AS numbers) continue to elude many people as part
> of the entire ICT infrastructure. Not many people gave this a thought, yet
> Africa is lagging behind in the uptake of some of these resources. It is
> widely assumed that Infrastructure is limited to Broadband Infrastructure!
> We need to step up this awareness as and industry.
> my 2 cents
> Bob Ochieng.
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