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NGPC Progress on GAC Advice
10 May 2013

The ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) wishes to share with the ICANN community its progress in consideration of the GAC advice and what steps are still to be taken. The NGPC met on 8 May to consider a Plan for responding to the Governmental Advisory Committee's advice on New gTLDs, transmitted to the Board through its 11 April Beijing Communiqué. The Plan is in two parts: Part 1 shown below consists of actions for soliciting input from Applicants and from the Community.



Start Date

Compl. Date



Publish GAC Communiqué and notify applicants of 21-day GAC Advice Response Period


18 April



Applicants 21-day response period to GAC Advice


19 April

10 May

In progress


Publish GAC Communiqué to solicit input on how the New gTLD Board Committee should address GAC advice regarding safeguards applicable to broad categories of New gTLD strings


23 April



Public comment period on how Board should address GAC Advice re: Safeguards


23 April

May 14
4 June

In Progress


Collect and summarize applicant responses to GAC Advice


11 May

31 May

Not Started


Summarize and analyze public comments on how Board should address GAC Advice re: Safeguards


5 June

12 June

Not Started


Review and consider Applicant responses to GAC Advice and Public Comments on how Board should respond to GAC Advice re: Safeguards

New gTLD Program Committee

13 June

20 June

Not Started

Part 2 consists of actions for responding to each advice given by the GAC. In so doing, the NGPC is developing a GAC scorecard similar to the one used during the GAC and the Board meetings in Brussels on 28 February and 1 March 2011.

Each GAC scorecard item will be noted with a "1A", "1B", or "2":

 *   "1A" indicates that the NGPC's proposed position is consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard.
 *   "1B" indicates that the NGPC's proposed position is consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard in principle, with some revisions to be made.
 *   "2" indicates that the NGPC's current position is not consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard, and further discussion with the GAC is required following relevant procedures in the ICANN Bylaws.

Part 2 of the Plan is not yet finalized and, with respect to some of the advice, cannot be finalized until after the review of the Public Comments due to be completed on 20 June.

The NGPC will next meet in Amsterdam on 18 May and will provide a further update following that meeting.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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