[AfrICANN-discuss] ICANN is coming to Africa...are we (Africans) ready to have the most of it?

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Dear Victor et al

Thank you for this update.

It is pleasing to learn somethings from the get together in Addis.

Yes! ICANN process is coming to Africa..the potential is here and room to build Capacity for Service Delivery is promising.

One point to note is that there us an urgent need to include African Government Systems in that we do in Africa for Africans and the World from within. Why say this? The Addis 'get together' last week did not involve or include many governments as you witnessed... the government of the Hosting country was not there. It was therefore a more AUC Diplomatic activity as it has been reported. 

There is more to be done inorder to bring ICANN to Africa properly by making more of our governments participate in such processes.  

All in all it is a good beginning in the right direction. A bit of strategic consultations with our government systems will take us further I believe. 
This brings up the need to have ICT Policies that are adopted by each government as a Stratefy - we have to be able to talk with our respective governments for business promotion. To me, that would be a solid foundation for what we do. The Tz govt has its ICT policy for a decade now and things are moving on OK.  

Well done and all..
Yassin - for Africa

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Victor Ndonnang <ndonnang at nvconsulting.biz> wrote:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Dear ICANN fellows Alumni from Africa,

As I recently announced on this list, The ICANN Africa Strategy 
announced in Toronto during ICANN45 begins implementing.
I have a chance to participate in a 4 days ICANN Africa Multistakeholder 
Internet Governance Event in Addis Ababa. This meeting starts with a  2 
days workshop on how to improve the Domain Name Market in Africa; 
following by a 2 days Multistakeholder meeting on how to transform the 
Africa strategy into concrete actions and projects . During the meeting, 
The ICANN CEO and President announces major expansion in Africa.
Here are some interesting links:
The press release:

http://www.icann.org/en/news/press/releases/release-11mar13-en.pdf [PDF, 
199 KB]

My personal album of the meeting:


Some articles on the event:



The general album of the meeting:


Dear African fellows alumni,
ICANN is coming to us; let's be ready and have the most of it!

Best regards,
Victor Ndonnang.

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