[AfrICANN-discuss] InfoSec: Red October cyber-espionage attack list includes 5 African countries

Brian Munyao Longwe blongwe at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 18:00:58 SAST 2013

In alarming news, Kaspersky's revelation of their discovery of the Red
October (Rocra) cyber-espionage operation lists at least 5 African
countries (South Africa, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania and Kenya) that have been
victims/targets of the spy network's activities.

The spy network, which largely focuses on international diplomatic service
agencies, also targets governments and scientific research organizations.
Red October allegedly rivals the sophistication of last year's Flame
malware but is described a "more devious" as attacks can be handcrafted for
specific targets.

Part 1 of the full report is here:

The bad news is that the network is still active and can't seem to be taken
down - is actively collecting data and transmitting to it's "owners"

Anyway, just a heads up to the respective African countries on this list -
be careful, be very careful....

Best regards,

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