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Hello there,

It is interesting to see how ccTLDs are managed 'for who' and by 'who' and
in which country. Things are different as you look from one country to
another. It all depends on the preparedness of the Government System or

One example which has not yet been mentioned is <.ng> after its management
was 'returned' home and is under NITDA - which is a Nigerian Government

Any comments on this please?

This especially how the negotiations for the management of ccTLDs are
handled or influenced where there is no National ICT Policy

That is all for now on this.

Kind regards


On 30 December 2012 15:46, McTim <dogwallah at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 9:36 AM, Pierre Lotis NANKEP <lnankep at yahoo.fr>
> wrote:
> > Yes McTim,
> >
> > I like your approach or your sugestion who is 100% business oriented...
> Not at all.  My approach uses the Multistakeholder model, which
> ensures Civil society participation, government AND business.
> > But unfortunately every thing will not be business oriented.
> I would hope not!
> >
> > What do you call "country's Internet community"? How a such community is
> > created? Is it spontaneous? Who are those who make up this community? Who
> > are its leaders?
> In every country it seems to be a bit different.
> In Kenya, where I lived most recently, it includes dozens of
> organisations from KictaNET to the
> Computer Society of Kenya to the local ISOC chapter.
> Recent successes there include the hosting of an IGF and an ICANN
> meeting with energy
> form many hundreds of folk coming together to plan, organise and stage
> successfull multistakeholder events.
> In Uganda, where I lived previously, there a smaller number of
> organisations that make up the Internet community.
> They include, but are not limited to the IXP folks, the Linux user
> Group, Uganda ICT Association and I-Network Uganda.
> >
> > What means "public benefit"? Who better than the government can guarantee
> > the public interest?
> The public itself!  Rarely do governments act solely in the public
> interest, instead,
> they act in their own interests much of the time.
> >
> > In fact, I think behind those who think like you, there are hidden or
> > unspoken ideas. Because you contradict yourself by saying:
> I do not see a contradiction.  Please point it out to me!
> > 1. "Some of us do not believe that nation states should be sovereign over
> > "their ccTLD" ".
> > 2. "ccTLDs should be managed by a country's Internet community"
> > How sincerely believe that sovereignty is lost if the ccTLD is managed
> by a
> > true "country's Internet community"?
> I can't parse this question.
> Do you mean how do I think soveriegnty is lost if a cctld is not
> managed by a nation state directly?
> I don't think it is. Most ccTLDs are not actually managed by a nation
> state themselves.
> > If this is the case, then it means that the members of this so-called
> > national community is made up of yes-men folks, who serve the interests
> of
> > invisible people.
> no in fact, it doesn't mean either of those things!
>  This is also the case for many of our so-called ICT civil
> > society leaders in Africa...Who are Experts in Folloship.
> >
> > How many are you in this list with the same opinion? It is always good to
> > know, this will allow me or us to assess the relevance and the
> foundations
> > of your thoughts.
> Good question!
> --
> Cheers,
> McTim
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> route indicates how we get there."  Jon Postel
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