[AfrICANN-discuss] Declaration of the joint meeting of African community (Beijing)

Dr Eberhard Lisse el at lisse.NA
Wed Apr 3 15:31:34 SAST 2013

I have one very serious concern and one not so major

The serious one is that this is written in a format that requires the
purchase of a commercial word processor. Hardly thedefault for development.

The minor concern

"We, [...] gathered in Beijing on Wednesday 10 April 2013, having mainly
debated [...]"

On the meetings past, there has been no debate on the issue(s) but only
on the draft(ing). If that were the case with this text and this meeting
we'd all rightfully could call us Lerato Ma.


on 2013-04-03 14:15 Aziz Hilali said the following:
> Français ci-dessous
> ------------------------
> Dear all,
> As you know, we have chosen as the theme for the joint meeting AFRALO
> AfrICANN in Beijing, the “the possibility of establishing a fund for the
> development of the Internet for developing countries”. 
> Please find in the attached files the draft statement (French and
> English) of the joint AFRALO – AfrICANN meeting due to take place in
> Beijing on Wednesday 10 April 2013.
> Would you please provide your comments on this draft before the end of
> Friday, April 5, 2013, to allow us to include them before printing the
> final version and then distribute it to the participants in the meeting
> for discussion, modification if any and adoption.  

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