[AfrICANN-discuss] redelegation of .ML

Katim S. Touray kaamt at yahoo.com
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Hi Dr.,

I'm not sure any views (pro or con) would, at this point, matter much.  The issue is in the consent agenda of the board, and all other items on it (the consent agenda) are voted on as a block.  Unless a board member requests that the issue be taken off the consent agenda, and discussed and voted on separately, the redelegation can be considered a done deal. Congratulations to Mali!


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Subject: [AfrICANN-discuss] redelegation of .ML
It is my understanding that the ICANN Board will be considering the
Redelegation of the domain representing Mali to the Agence des
Technologies de l'Information et de la Communications, see:


Does anyone on this list have a view in this regards?

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