[AfrICANN-discuss] Management of African ccTLDs: Panne du .td?

Adamou Nacer adamou.nacer at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 09:55:10 SAST 2012

Hi Nii,
> We have received a high level enquiry to host a future afnog; encourage then to complete a proposal and train good number of folks at a go
this is giving me an idea. I think that it will be very helpful for chad 
to host a meeting of this kind (afnog, aftld or even afrinic meeting). 
When will the next afnog meeting be held? Where? Is it possible for chad 
to host it? If yes, please any url for the application process? I can 
have the necessary support from local authorities here for that.
Note: for Afrinic meeting I am already negociating ;-)


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